Just Be Quiet Sometimes

I love conversations.  It's ok if you talk to me.  It's ok if you have something to say that you think I should know or be interested in.  I'm fine with listening and talking to you....BUT...Do you have to talk all the time?!??!

I mean, talk talk talk for 2-3 hours straight and never say anything of importance.  You have said the same thing 5 different times, in 5 different ways, in the last 25 minutes.  My gosh, you have even stood outside the closed bathroom door and talked to me.

Sometimes, people at work just drive me crazy with their excessive talking!  Would you just be quiet sometimes.

PeedeeDog PeedeeDog
8 Responses Mar 2, 2009

My problem is...Not stop talkers who never say a thing!! I do love talkers, when they have something to say. Repeats...My mind shuts down.

my sister can be this way too but let's not tell her lol. especially when i'm on the computer or trying to concentrate on something. i guess it's too late to get her to change her ways though. she's always been a talker.

I know just what you describe. I really get annoyed when someone talks NON stop in the car.They suck the air out of the car ! I've had a vision of pulling over and just let them out on the curb. Attention seekers I guess..? They don't even ask questions..just talk..UGH.

i have a co-worker like this. she's nice but boy, can she talk! sometimes i take a nap to escape the constant chatter lol

I could take on anybody. And that's probably not a good thing! =0

I know what you mean, I have a friend you out talks me!

No Mahsa...Your not on my list! LOL <br />
<br />
I was just crabbing about 2 sisters at work who talk all the time. Actually, it's sort of funny to see them trying to "out-talk" each other!!

I talk all the time, and sometimes I hear myself repeating things! I hope I am not on your list of excessive talkers!