I've been married for over a decade (god that sounds long) LOL, and I have difficulties trusting my husband.  I have valid reason for this, he has deceived me before.  He assures me that I have nothing to worry about, however I can't help but suspect things.  I usually tend to go with my instincts, what else can I do?  I really do love him and he is a fabulous father.  Wishing I could just let go and trust.
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Im with emerald on this one. Learn the warning signs of "not" to trust him. My husband would get mad at me for not trusting him, not believing him, calling him all day long to see where he was or even just to say hi. <br />
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I was with my husband for almost 6 years and through the whole time practically, he cheated. I knew I shouldnt trust him. I knew if he attacked me that way it was because of guilt. If he wasnt guilty, he would have proven to me he wasnt cheating not just tell me "Im not cheating" or "Stop living in the past" or "Im not going to prove anything you just need to learn to let go and trust me" can one trust someone that cheats when they dont prove there innocence? Its impossible. Watch your back and good luck.

Been there with the "trust issue " with my ex hubby. Go with your instincts. I wish I had sooner! And if He says to you, " You've got to quit questioning me/ my moves. You've got to trust me " DING-DING!!! Red Warning Bells, sister!!