I Definitely Have Trust Issues

Some people say that I am too trusting, but over the past few years I have  changed.  For the life of me I can't understand why people can't be up front and honest about their feelings. In my relationship the  things I feel is important is communication and honesty. Things happen in all of our relationships and we have good and bad times. I believe if things are going wrong then you should speak on them, not saying anything about the situation will not remedy the problem. I just hate it when I know there is a problem in the relationship and I ask you about it, then all you can say is "nothing is wrong". I say why lie if I am asking you straight out, don't lie to my face. I don't like to falsely accuse anyone, so I just wait until opportunity presents itself and I catch them in a lie. I have a problem with those who lie and cheat in a relationship and my last two relationships ended just that way. Yeah I have Trust Issues for real.

SoftSpokenOne SoftSpokenOne
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

BonnieBelle, thank you again for responding to my story and sharing your thoughts. I do believe in trusting when it comes to any type of friendship/relationship, but there are those who seem to take things for granted which bothers me most. I try and give the benefit of the doubt but sometimes I just can't get past the lies that are told. Communication I feel has always been the key to any situation, but when that is one sided there is nothing else to do. I try and find solutions before I make any decisions, but when the problem can't be solved that is when I end the relationship.

Softspoken, you have to trust the other person to get the relationship off the ground. It takes a long time to build the trust in one another and mature the friendship bit by bit. It takes a lot of hard work and investment of time. Once you are comfortable.. I don't let go of a friend no matter what, if she or he cheats I look the other way cause if cheating doesn't hurt our relationship I don't wanna break up with the person in whom I have invested my heart and soul. Sooner or later they will realize the error of their ways. I am for tolerance and patience. If you break up it's nothing but a lose lose situation. The life ahead is not a pretty one. So I tolerate and I exhibit restrains in coming to judgment. I'll reach out to some one who can help bring life in our relationship. Most people are ready to help to keep the relationship from breaking up. In one of the story you yourself said, its lack of communication that causes all the problems, so to restore the communication, I would seek help from someone I know .