My Ex Is My Ideal Man.

I dated this boy for a year and a half. We were madly in love and no other guy hold a candle to him. He was the apple of my eye. That ended when we began bickering and arguing endlessly about nonsense, to the point where we had a nasty break up. He dumped me in a very, very, crude manner. I don't feel like going into details, but he just completely crushed my soul to where all my sadness turned into hate and I got completely over him.
It's been about 8 months since our break up. We've both dated lots of other people. I'm fine with it and I enjoy dating around. My ex on the other hand had sex with every girl he encountered and discovered that he doesn't like any other girl than me.
Over the 8 months we haven't been together, he has picked himself up and molded himself into the man I always wanted him to be, and fixed the little things about himself that always started our arguments.
He's even went celibate and this is the longest he's gone since he lost his virginity.
This boy has been LITERALLY begging for me to love him again constantly. I've even thrown out scenarios, like "what if I want to be pregnant right now?" or "what if I have AIDS?" or "what if I want to wear a strap on during sex?" None of these scenarios faze him, he tells me he would do anything.
I also know he is very good looking, he could do girls that are much better looking than me and I doubt I could do better looking than him.
He has become everything I've ever wanted him to be, yet, I can't bring myself to even imagine kissing him or holding him, let alone ever have sex with him again. Just the thought of it repulses me.
Should I get back with him and just try?
ScandalousUnicorn ScandalousUnicorn
18-21, T
Jul 26, 2010