Parent Issues

I have had in the past disturbing dreams and thoughts like in one dream I am battering my mother as she is helplessly cowering from me and her face and hands are all covered in blood and her eyes are just looking up at me at her precious son destroying her and afterwards my heart breaks and in the dream and I wake up crying. Another thing that bothers me is sometimes my interactions with my mother or father when alone there is something of a hint of murder/death on my mind when I talk to them, as if it were in the background somewhere. I always love them both and sometimes I don't get these disturbing thoughts, other times I really miss them and care for them like my dad's gone away at the moment and I miss him. Are my thoughts normal? Am I even writing any sense? I hardly get myself most of the time so don't expect anyone else to!

The5Cs The5Cs
2 Responses Jun 19, 2008

I hate to say that I have these thoughts about people as well. I also get other disturbing thoughts but I am a pretty calm and kind person. These aren't a problem unless they get out of hand where you start throwing things or hurting people.

Is there something in the past that you have not resolved with her? Something you are mad about? Even benign neglect can be hurtful. Our dreams take our unexpressed feelings and magnify them. I have had dreams too of being angry at my parents. There was no physical interaction but in my dream I was just screaming at them , being so verbally abusive that when I woke up I was like "holy ****! where did that come from?