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"those" Moments

Have you ever had one of "those" moments?

You know the ones I am talking about. The ones where everything is moving along fine, your happy, blissfully and peacefully content even. You've had a good, maybe even a great, day and all is "right" with the world. Then, someone says something to you, something innocent and actually quite sweet and you snap. Yeah, "that" moment.

"That" moment where memories of something that you thought you had previously dealt with and moved on from suddenly come flooding back to you, like a flash flood - there is no warning. Waves of sorrow and grief roll over you, tossing your mind around like a limp rag doll. The current of aching pain and anguish suddenly pulls you down and drags you along.

Then suddenly, without pausing to consider the effects you might have on the poor innocent soul, words spew out of your mouth, bombarding them with your memories, your powerful emotions. They are left shell shocked, and you, you instantly regret it. Yeah, *sighs*, "that" moment.

I have. Recently.

To that person, and to any others I have ever done that to I'd just like to say I'm sorry.
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 6 Responses Dec 6, 2012

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Wish my wife was like that.
Up until she found out I've concluded she's a sociopath, I never heard anything like this out of her. But before then, what I was hearing was "hmpf. You had it coming."

I'm sorry that's all you've heard from her. I think it's rather ridiculous when we can't admit to our mistakes and recognize that we might need some gracious and probably un-deserved forgiveness from others.

"Those" moment... aye. I've been there. To my family or friends... Hell, even both without even realizing it. Then in the end I apologize cause how were they to know?

It's not your fault. You are a human being and sometimes, that unconscious mind of ours hides away a lot more than we think we could handle or even acknowledge. I think it's a reason why I'm starting to meditate a little more than usual. Clarify the mind and stay in this present moment rather than in the past.

The funny thing about "those" moments is that, while unexpecte and unfortunate for those on the receiving end, for those giving them they can often be the beginning of some rather important self realizations.

I still apologize when I have them but now view them as a sort of emotional check, a signal that I need to adjust, refocus, etc. A return to journaling has helped greatly with this. To just get it all out and down on paper can be quite cathartic and has resulted in far fewer instances of "those" type.

Writing it down on paper sure does help. I've been trying to lighten the load on my own little book because the topics can be so heavy hitting... I'm afraid someone might pick it up in the future and think its the Necronomicon because of the painful memories in there.

So I have to flip it around and turn my thoughts into wisdom. Writing it down focus' the mind, allows it to breath. And maybe, just maybe... it does get "those" moments down.

Your comment reminded me of my favourite line of advice to friends: "Just Breathe". In fact I've been debating writing a "story" about it ...

Seems the muse has struck once more.


you have been a naughty girl

Everyone has those moments. We just have to take them as they come and apologize for ourselves and our actions afterwards. Unfortunately these moments can't be helped especially when it involves past events that have had a traumatic impact on ones life. No one blames you and certainly should not take it to heart.

Thank you dear friend, for both taking the time to read and to comment. I am okay with it now, I just needed to share at the time.

Quite all right, talking about things or expressing our feelings on paper can help a great deal.

I agree, and sometimes it's nice to share them with other people so they know they are not the only ones.

Sounds resolved,but it wouldn't be like me to not stick my 2 cents in where it doesn't belong probably,so I'll just reaffirm what everyone else said in your defense.There...actually ,that might not even be worth 2 cents,so....keep the change.;)

You're a good person,and I'm sure the "offended" party thinks so too.

I have been reassured that they do. Thanks!

We all have our triggers, and though we'd like to think we're in control, at least of our own thoughts and emotions, control truly is an illusion. You have regret, you've apologized, I suspect that any but the must vindictive and judgmental will forgive.

They did, I just still felt bad about it ... and needed to share about it. Thank you for your comments.