Can I Ever Be Fixed?

My whole life changed in the Six years of being with my Ex-Husband. I had a great life before him. I was a happy person. I trusted easily. After a while he changed the beating started coming it started out a few times here and there and then every week then eventually everyday. I never had the strength to leave him until my son came along and I realized if I wanted to be a mother to him then I had no choice but to be strong and walk away.

After Leaving the hell really had just begun. I was no longer that innocent girl I had been before him. I was scared of a relationship I was scared to get close to someone only to have them turn out to be the same exact way.

Here I am Three years Later with a Husband that treats me Good and We have had Child and Now I am faced with the same issues. I have not sought out counseling because I thought I was strong enough to get over it and move on.

Every time I feel that I am moving forward in my life. I feel my fears start creeping up again. Thinking nothing is ever this good. When is he going to hit me? or when is this pain going to start. To wake up and find that he is still here even we have our spits and spats he doesn't walk away he doesn't hit me..

I suffer from these issues everyday I feel like I am screwed up and that there is noway I can ever Heal and it scares Me

Proudmommy2011 Proudmommy2011
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012