I Have Fedupinitus

I am sick and tiered of all the I have story's out here, none of witch exist for REAL, the I have @3+,,6uploopwawa," I mean those kind" you can't even pronounce them.
sistermary sistermary
2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

LOL you hit it on both spellings none the less I truly feel that most of these diereses do not exist exept in the mind and if you hear the advert. again you'll find that you are swapping issues only and yes maybe even death

I went for over six years without a t.v. Recently, I decided to turn one on....it's positively amazing how many diseases I've never heard of = now have cures for sale. The cures list side affects. Usually the list of side effects include possible "death". "Restless Leg Syndrome" is my favorite.....I spelled affect/effect both ways in this post. Too lazy to check out the proper use....maybe they have a cure for sheer laziness :).