My Sons Itp Was A Shock To My Family!

He was diagnosed last week due to spots on his feet and throwing up blood ..They pumped his stomach and after reviewing his platlets were extremely low he was given 2 bag of platlets ,tThey were 1,000 and after the platlets were given they went up to 40,000.He was transfered to Goldsboro where he was given 2 more bag ofplatlets and a bottle og IGIV mEDICENE .tHIS IS A VERY EXPENSIVE MEDICENE .Well his arms look awful due to the pricking and poking.pRAYING HIS PLATLETS WILL COME ON UP .hE IS 21 .dOCTORS SAID THERE IS A CURE .
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1 Response May 24, 2012

he will be okay I'm sure. I have ITP as well. they gave me 6 units of that damn expensive medicine. that's 5,000 a bag.

but in the end I am okay. just a little more careful.