I Have Ivemark Syndrome And I Am 20

I was told a while ago that i had something called ivemark syndrome i thought ok i don't care. A few yearsago iwas told that Ivemark syndrome is a rare and in most cases fatal disorder. I had been born with my stomach upsidown and my intestines twisted i had major sugery to fix them so i did not die. I used to go the doctors for an EKG every year because i was considered medically complex. I am now 20 years old I am no longer considered medically complex I can do anything anybody else can do. I ride horses, can play sports, i through hay, work at a farm.

For anybody that has Ivemark Syndrome dont take life for granted. I hate celebrating my birthday i always think of it as another day amd i get told that i should celebrate it because i am lucky to be alive.

misty1710 misty1710
18-21, F
Oct 4, 2011