Body Issues To :|

I hate my fat body and my ugly brown hair, I can't even grow it the way I want to cause my freaking parents, I envy skinny people, people with blonde hair, cute people, short people , you name them I'm jealous of them for what ever reason I can find things to be jealous of no matter what it is, Jealous of my friends to a point I want to physically hurt them I don't know : im a jerk i guess idk.
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The jerks are the people who don't accept you and first of you are a very hansom guy i ain't saying that my best friend is even cute she isn't the awesome body but shes cute.

your really nice you know that ? :3

Not sure sometimes but thanks.

Its nothing to be jelous about ;D
I'm a girl, but yet, even I'm fat, I'm not allowed to cut my hair the way I wish, and I'm short. I envy thin, beautiful, short haired and tall people, but its nothing to get jealous. Everyone wants to have what they dont have. I know many thin skinny friends who envy me, and elder sisters in my school jealous,saying that I look pretty, being fat and round. Just be yourself, and someone is bound to love and respect you for who you are and what youare ^-^

same here