One day I discovered that my boyfriend was writing with another woman, I became very upset and asked him what was that. he became anger and closed down his pc. I started to cried and wanted to talk. He left me alone go way to the cinema all afternoon left me with my feelings. when he came back evening late we finally can talk and I accepted that he can write with this lady but he promised me just in my presence. He still communicate with her, he said to me that it's just friends and he wanted help this lady they do not know each other it's just friends to writing pen-pal. I feel upset because this happened while I was working with different shifts. I work as support worker with disable people sometimes also in Night shift, arrived home very tired- He said to me that he's a healer and need to help others people. what do you think? Could you help me, because he said that I am very jealous. I know that I am. but I need to control my self...I said to him that I am jealous because I love him. I do not know if he's understand my feeling? Thank you
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