This has come as a shock to me since, I have never had this "jealousy" problem before. I have been married and divorced twice, cheated on, beaten and made fun of and anything else you can think of. When my fiance and I got together we were a match made in heaven we still are, and I thank the gods for him and my kids everyday. I just don't understand why I get so damn jealous. Any girl he talks to seems to bring this on. I am older, by 10 years, not sure if that has something to do with it, but its something I would like to learn not to have anymore. He knows I get this way and he respects is enough to introduce me to the people he talks to, which helps ease it. However I still find even some resentment and jealousy when he talks to a couple in particular. One being a "friend" (ive seen OLD messages that make me wonder) and this one who said she made a move, only to recount what she said a week later and apologized to me for having almost broke us up. He tells me he loves me all the time. We spend countless hours together, and love doing things together, I know he would never leave me, we even talked about it to help ease this jealousy thing but nothing seems to work. It isn't as bad as it was, its slowly retreated but I want it gone! Like yesterday!
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So it seems I havent been as bad when it comes to being jealous lately which is good but I don't know for sure if its because girls haven't been really talking or I am finally getting over this phase... one can only hope :)