Big Problem.

My mom tells me that I am her jealous child.  I get jealous if she buys something for one of my siblings and not me lol  Which, I guess, is a normal part of sibling rivalry.  But it goes far beyond that for me.  In recent times I have felt jealousy over:  My aunt having my cousins' girlfriends over to watch movies and hang out, people on tv with cute families, my younger cousin going to the mall with this girl who is my age, another of my cousins getting married (I am happy for her, but I am so happy for her that I can't wait for people to be that happy for me)...  It just never ends.

But all of those things don't hold a candle to how I feel about my man.   I have waited my whole life for him, he is nothing short of perfect, and I am terrified of anything breaking that apart.  I get so jealous about everything!  Like when he killed spiders for his roomate, a girl.  Sometimes I find myself envisioning her trying to seduce him when we haven't talked for a couple hours.  In reality, I know he wouldn't do that to me, but jealousy is not logical.

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I wish I had advice for you.. but I have the same problem myself!!! I just wanted you to know you are not alone! If you figure somthing out let me know!!! =]