I hate when my bf looks at other women.
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Is he still with you.

If he is then perhaps he's checking out others comparing them agaainst you. He obviously prefers you over them, so what's your problem.

Jelousy can drive people apart, so do the both of you a big favour and leave the poor boy alone.

He doesn't deserve to be mistrusted.

Thanks for totally being against me and on his side :/

No im not, he's just realising how lucky he is to have you.
lighten up FFS.

He loves you, every woman in the world has this, he is wired that way, he can't help it, its human fukkin nature, lol.

Eyes are single

What do u mean...

Slow girl

Everybody gets jesous

Jealous not jesus

Don't worry for every one her looks at, I'm sure 5 look at you! You're gorgeous, he's lucky to have a beauty like you!

Thank you☺️😊

No problem beautiful :)


I feel same just makes me angry and sometimes don't know how to deal with it properly

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Me, too, but it's a very natural thing to do for either sex. Nothing wrong with window-shopping; just don't buy it.

I get very pissy about this stuff when it happens


I can see why it might bother you- that's natural, but to become angry about it?

Because it's very frustrating

But why is it frustrating? Do you feel like you're not good enough?

Maybe :(

Hmmm...If you want to, you might try looking deeper into it. Write down all the reasons it bothers you. It's pretty much a given with most men(people, really,) so it might behoove you to make peace with it. It doesn't really mean anything in particular because it's just a natural inclination. Maybe even talk to your man about it(respectfully.)

Thank you :)

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