I have jealousy issues when I like a guy I get jealous when he comments on other girls. I don't show it but still I feel a spike. Also I get extremely jealous if I hear any of my exes seeing other women or fear hearing they might have a girlfriend while I'm still single. Does anyone else get these irrational thoughts? Are they normal ?
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I think it's normal, but such thoughts are painful, so a way to get out of the situation should be found, at least to make them affect you less. First of all I think it helps to recognize that you have these feelings when you do. And stop for a moment blaiming yourself for them. It is said that once you do that the thoughts start to calm down. It is hard, but try to take away your attention from people you are jealous of and do somthing that will make you feel more proud of yourself. Also try to like those people even if they are not with you, try to put yourself on their place and feel their happpiness for a moment. You deserve that happiness too and you will have it, it's a matter of time and work on yourself :)

I used to get upset, all the Time.. I guess it was jealousy.. I used to always wanted to have a Future Wife and Future kids.. but I had to give up my dreams, I had to give up my goals, from going mad. When doing thngs "Alone" I would see..... couples, and ... Kids... and it angered me. Because I Questioned... Why cant I have that? Why can't I find someone. I mean I know I would treat her with respect, and Value her by my side.. and Oh.. the Joy to get up to know Some one is there thinking of me, and I can think of her.. And then when I feel Close.. BAM!!! like a Brick wall..."Michael Not you. Your to nice, and to sweet".. so then they go and date some @$$ wipe who is mean and Manipulative, and lies, cheats, is a Jerk.. and wants her Just for Sex.. GHAA... and I wonder "WHY" WHY!!!... oh well.. just my place to be in life to be alone

No I know what u mean. My sister has a boyfriend and I see couples with kids and just getting on with life and I get jealous as well. Because like you know no matter how hard I try I'm never enough. There's always someone better there that they can go for and I'm always left bewildered and hurt when they leave me. I understand because after you feel like your not good enough for anyone. Your left questioning yourself, self doubts, insecurities. I can't stand it. I think it's about time I give up on my dreams as well which match yours Husband and kids because it doesn't look like they are going to be happening anytime soon and since I see nothing in my future to look foreword to.

Mine says some pretty crude remarks in front of me about other girls, and we've had to have a few talks about it, but he says it's just him wanting to be open. Guys are just different from girls, they don't have blinders on just because they have a girlfriend. It's hard to get used to, especially when the guy is open about it

I was told that the main thing to do is not act on your impulses to respond or react to the jealousy. so hard. i've been on the receiving end of jealous accusations and it makes you feel so terrible. There's nothing you can do to reassure the person and feeling accused just turns you off so... if you feel jealous or feel awful about it don't say something right away try to deal with it in a different way.

Ok i don't like to show that I'm jealous that would raise their egos higher than they already are lol I hide it and try not to react. I did react big time once because he basically had the lass in his lap and plus I was drinking but never again will I let myself do that again. I regretted it. It wasn't nice

My boyfriend was hugging and touching this other woman's butt in a "joking" manner right in front of me and it hurt so bad

How did you not react ? Joking mater or not it's completely inappropriate especially while your there with him. I would of flipped. (Which wouldn't help at all) I forgot to mention I had a short temper. Anyway maybe it's better that you mention not in a hostile way that he hurt you by pulling that stunt. And how would he like it if you were groping over men?

I didn't flip right away I flipped later. I never do anything in front of anyone but I called him and I ******* let them have it. actually broke up with him for a while over it.

Good. Sometimes they do need to hear and he should of known something like that would hurt you. At least yas managed to patch it up though.

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The commenting only bothers me when they're flirty remarks and exchanges.

Yes these thoughts are normal. If someone is your bf he shouldn't comment on other girls.