How can you get over getting jealous when you see a person you dislike posting a photo with your best friend that is his best friend too? Because I cause heaps of trouble already this year. I made the person's that I dislike friends all hate me for what I have done this year? Seriously I need help to get over this.

I am over myself always causing drama about me getting jealous over little tiny things like people texting behind my back or showing people what I was talking about to the person what I was saying behind my back and when they say stuff about me they don't show me, this might sound bad I have to find out myself what they were talking about to me.

When my best friend and the person I dislike has the same nicknames of text messages that is "best friend" that's annoys me

Finally when the person I dislike post pictures saying I miss my best friend or when she writes a long birthday message on fb he replies back with a long message back and when I write a long birthday message all I get is "thank you".

The stuff I said up there what I cause most of the pointless dramas this year, of course of that nearly lost my best friend twice, made the person I dislike friends all hate me.

Even thinking about this year makes emotional.
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I know who you talking about :) what about me??

No there's nothing about you in it

I meant, what about me, as am i your friend lol

hi hon. I think it's really great that you are able to admit to yourself and identify that you have jealousy issues and to point out specifically what is bothering you. That is HUGE! you can beat this!

When I was trying to figure out my own issues with the jealousy I struggle with, most of the training online involves NOT acting out on your feelings. so acknowledging the feelings as they happen but not doing anything about them. don't trash talk your friends, don't be sarcastic to them, don't make weird comments on their pages, etc... let it go... keep observing your feelings.

you can also try turning the table on yourself. Try to imagine having someone all up in your business being jealous of you although you've done nothing wrong. i've been on the other side of jealousy and it feels terrible. I had one boyfriend who was so jealous all the time and I did nothing wrong and it was frustrating, made me feel sad and completely disrespected.

I highly recommend seeking a counselor. Do this in private if you can. It's usually covered by health insurance so I highly recommend. also, do not discuss your therapy with friends or family. That is your time and your private healing.

sometimes when we obsess over people it is a symptom of not wanting to face something in our own life. it might also be some "attachment" anxiety left over from programming in your childhood. That is for professional to help you work through. in the meantime I would like to recommend two items that helped me tremendously ...on YouTube of all places.

You're going to be OK!

Here is some help.

This video will help you immediately especially if you're really pissed about something.

This one for bed time. it's OK to fall asleep while it's playing.

this is really interesting because it helps you understand what your attachment style is