I Feel Like I Am Slipping Down That Spiral Tunnel

I would like to write stories in all the groups I joined, but when I go to my experiences and look at the list of ones without stories I feel quite overwhelmed. I am not sire how to deal with it, especially since I can not spend as much time on EP as I used to. I don't like cut and paste stories, at least not for myself (I don't mind if others cut and paste). I can do this for only so long, and someday I will leave EP, and there won't be stories in all my experiences, I feel the spiral closing in, spinning, spinning...



LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I agree, sometimes it is just a matter of jumping, instead of walking there. I have put opposing stories in groups, like "I do not have a crush on Ann Coulter" but I did not feel I should make a group that said I didn't, just make a story that states so, where people who are talking about her are...<br />
...perhaps that is not right, I did think about it, but I guess I am a bit more compulsive when it comes to expressing myself hahaha<br />
I honestly appreciate and highly respect you for the way you are, Caliper, I should attempt to emulate that a bit, I guess.

I see a lot of people join so many experiences, it's like they're in some race or something. I try to write a story for each group I join, I know it's not required. I think there is only one group that I've joined, that I haven't, but all that I would have said was already stated in other people's stories that I did comment on.<br />
Something else that I don't do is join a group just to present an opposing view to that experience intent. i feel like if I want to express an opposing view I'll form a group stating as much. My mind is pretty much made up on most issues by the time I write a story after I've satisfied my inquiries into a subject. Wow sorry I got carried away here on your story , Leisa.<br />
It's easy to see how things happen the way they do, I'm excessive in other areas

hehehe that is funny! I I have been thinking about unjoining some groups, and keeping the ones that I really intend to or would like to write a meaningful story in.

You have so many experiences! I have 68. Some of them are self explanatory. I guess I'll eventually have many more experiences and stories. But somehow I can't think of what to say in a group called "I'm not double jointed" or something like that.