I Was In The Pharmacy The Other Day............

I went down to the pharmacy to get my daily medicine and I was waiting to be served when another person came in behind me.  I turned around and said hi, I'd seen her a couple of times before.  Sometimes she was nice to me, other times she was a right *****.  She'd cue jumped me before and then sheepishly erxplained that she didn't know what she was doing half the time.  I knew she was lying, but what can you do with a hard case.  Anyway the other day when i said hi, I turned back to speak to the pharmacist.  She then blatantly said to her partner, 'Jesus she's a funny looking thing.'  You know with the peace of mind that you get with time, I wasn't even upset.  I put it down to jealousy, I may be forty two but look 35.  She would be forty five - fifty and looks it.

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3 Responses May 7, 2010

Excuse the language but that woman obviously suffers from a disease called "fucktardism." She can't help that she is impaired this way. You can only pray for those pour souls. Some times, I let them know that they should have their fucktard medication checked because their condition has obviously worsened. They are so floored when I'm done with them, they usually are stammering. Another sign that the disease is coming to light and needs more treatment. If meds don't help, then I suggest electric shock therapy, that really shuts them up.

Jesus was a man.

jealousyyyyyyyyy is a diseaseeeeeeee