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Today there is an induction day for a new staff member and also a new intern is being shown around the office.

When it came to introducing me - i am descirbed as 'the loose cannon'

i am not sure if they conceive it as good that i was flattered by this

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Very interesting origin of that word. I think it's fascinating how terms like this survive through changing times, with slightly changing meanings as time goes on.

It's good. they can't pigeon hole you. You're never dull to have around. (We knew that, already!)

I'm not even sure I understand what the term means. Do they think you lose your temper easily and spectacularly? No idea what they mean.

I think that if They described you to a newbe as a "loose Cannon", They considered it a compliment and you should to.

You keep them on their toes, and that's a good thing!