Mctd Awareness

Ok so Mctd isn't a big deal. U would say this if u don't live with it. No one chooses an illness or when they get but maybe it is lack of understanding that makes the people with it reluctant to share with family and friends what it is. I expect there are many people living undiagnosed and many that need help coping. On first sight i look "normal" but it is almost amusing when i see strangers clock that i have something wrong. For me my raynauds is the first thing people comment on. Im a busy mum and a very typical Gemini. Mctd must also be a Gemini as it gives the owner good and bad days lol. I want to raise awareness but need help from u guys. Im thinking starting small by helping my family understand but not sure how to start. Do i hold a big meeting? This sounds dramatic as Im not on my death bed.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

Hey there, I am new to this sight but i am not new to this awful illness and it is a very bid deal, a great big deal of pain, confusion, and it is a very complex dignosis, you are not crazy and the pain is very real, make sure your family knows what is happening to you it is difficult but they will listen, print some of the info on good sites i.e medscape do on lupus slceroderma raynauds poly will need there support , hope this helps thanks...........sick but not on my death bed YET!!!!