There Is Still *** On My ***.

I have just been throughly ****** by my next door neighbor. I was lying on my sofa asleep when next thing I knew, there was a **** being shoved in my mouth. I sucked and sucked.  He was wearing a leather **** ring with a ball separator - Yum - I think sucking balls turns me on as much as sucking ****! I love it when he sits on my  face and shoves the balls in my mouth. Then he slid down and ****** my big **** and pinched my nipples hard - automatic wet *****! He slapped my **** and then told me to bend over so he could **** me. His **** is nice and long with just a little upturn in it that hits all the right spots.  I love to bend over, put my head on the couch so my *** is way up in the air.  I spread my legs wide so he can get in there good and deep.  He spanks my *** a few times and just starts stroking away - harder, harder til there is *** streaming down the back of my legs...This is why I don't lock my if I can just get him to **** my ***!
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11 Responses Jan 14, 2013

He didn't lick your *** ?

Ask him to do it to you , " can you lick my *** please .... "

Wish I was your neighbor!!!! I'd gladly **** that sweet ***!

Mmm I love a *** fckin myself. I took a bbc in my *** last night. Love it when hubby holds my *** open for that beautiful blk rod. Suckin hubbies **** and takin another in thr rear. Awesome

make a video next time.....

Add me and check my pics... I love *** ******* :P

would like to **** hard your full of *** *** ..., hot again - **** ur arse, that's y u joined my circle, that's my job...

Wow wish you were my neighbor

yes it would be rough hard and long lasting

Good for you!!!!! Lucky neighbor

Much better than coming over for a cup of the other

my member is hard and you can squat on ...

let's turn a coin ....