Hi guys I would like to share my experience of being gunged. 


it happened when I was 18. I was working in a friends dads butchers shop and had just finished work. I came home to find my house mates no where to be seen but the door was open. I needed the toilet badly so went to do my business. I went in and found a very big baby grow, a bib, a nappy, a dummy and some stretchy bands attached to the roof. When I had finished I went downstairs to find my house mates all sat around the table talking. I asked them what the things were on the floor and they told me that I was going to be gunged! I was worried but very excited about this chance. They told me to go upstairs get changed into this strange outfit and wait for my boyfriend Rob to come up and strap me to the stretchy bands attached to the roof. When I was ready and strapped in Sammy came up with countless buckets of baby food, Beans, Tomato's, Custard, Rice pudding and thick green home made gunge. This is when I was really worried. I shut my eyes and waited for the humiliation to start. I felt the baby grow zip being pulled down and custard being poured into the nappy along with something else after that many disgusting things were poured all over me and then i was given a babys bonnet to wear. I put it on and then realised that inside was some very smelly manure and fish guts!!!! Already humiliated i put it on and the disgusting contents dribbled down my face. When everything was finished I was ready to get down and use the shower but my friends left me hanging their for 5 hours so the gunge and everything else could dry in.  I love being gunged now!!



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That story sounds wicked. I wud so like that to have been me.<br />
Everything I could have dreamed of, humiliating costume, restrained, and loads and loads of gunge! Great! I like the idea of being left to hang around for a while too. Not sure if 5hours is a bit too long tho.<br />
I have also read the other baby gunging story on this site (21st birthday), which sounded as good. <br />
I only wish I had mates like yours.<br />
<br />
I would love to go thro a simular thing, but don't know where to start. Can anyone help?

Sounds amazing, love it!!

I know what it feels like because I had a similar "baby" themed gunging and have shared that story in "I love getting gunged" group!!!

This was the best gunging I have ever experienced and since that 1st gunging 2 years ago both me and my boyfriend have been gunged in the same way for charity over 12 times each! Most of the time we do a quiz night at our local pub and the punters vote for who is going to be gunged if they (the punters) lose. Most of the time it is me!!!