I Have Just Filled My Pants And I Feal Awesome Im So Horny Right Now I Can't Describe It

Well this morning i woke up knowing that i was due to have a big load as I have been holding it since Saturday and I had a pizza that night and I have had extra food as well ready for when it arrives.  I have been sitting on hard surfaces since Sunday to try to hold it in as I have been so desperate some days. I have been having my prescription regulan that helps you to go but if you let it thicken it takes longer which helps me to suppress it longer.  But today was the day and I have just pooed my pants and still slowly pooing now while I type and it's a load. I think I'm going to have to hold my pants when I go up stairs as It is really sagging.  But at the moment I'm sat here mushing my poop on my computer chair in poop heaven I can feel it all over my bum warm sticky and mushy and a really big mess.  All I need now is someone to clean me up I'm going to go to bed like this and hope I can go again. I love moving on my chairs hearing it mush up my back and over my balls mmm mmmm.

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Very good story of your pants full and sagging.

I'm disabled & connected to a machine to feed & water me 22 hours every day.I am also doubly incontinant so I wear a nappy all the time, not the same one idiot, I do change it when I can but I do wee & poop a lot.Also I have to pump in a special medicine because i'm very small & under weight for my age, 20, & this makes my poop very soft & black so it makes it a lot harder to clean myself up.As I feed over night I allways seem to poop at night so my morning nappy, which is a very absorbant one, swelles up to a very large sise by the morning .The machine takes 10 hours so I can't get up until it's finnished so I realy do have a very full load by the morning in my nappy.During the day I wear a small tena nappy which fits me well & dosent leake to much even when i poop.I wear shorts when ever it's warm enough because it's easer to see whwen I need attention down there & if I do make a mess in them it is far less to wash, but I have to go into longs if I go out into a place whwere there is a lot of people.At first, & I have been this way, in nappies I mean, for a long while, 17 years, I didn't like it at all & was exstreamly embarrased to tell anybody or go out but I had to as I take care of my self & had to still do the shopping.Now I have come to enjoy the sensation of a full nappy on me although I can't control my self so I poop two, some times three times a day.I get through five nappies a day, one mediem night nappt & four small day nappies, thats all i'm alloud from the NHS.Well buy for now, i'm glad i,ve found you.

be nice if you can change my dirty poopy diaper!

Tell me about it!! It does take a long time to clean up the mess & it's awful & gross. I am glad I have my own place so I sometimes do it there or go to see my other friends who love it when I poop my diaper/pants & they say they find it very pleasurable (not all of my friends find my pooping my diaper/pants good at all & I did lose friends in the process) but am glad I have a few who appreciate it when I give them a "load" lol!

oh Iv'e done that so many times but I have to be careful not to get caught I can only do that when the house is clear as it some times makes a hell of a mess and it takes longer to clean and disguise.

Great story, check out my two recent stories in my profile, thanks! Nice to have a big mushy load in the pants to keep one happy!! :)