Just Had Interview .....

With a law firm. I've had legal assistant experience for past 20 years.

First telephone interview went great; as did face to face interview today.

Only problem being: they are going to check out a) criminal records b) financial/debt/credit agencies c) past employers.


I'm gonna fail all three.


a) past boyfriend stole a washing machine out of my rented flat; i took the flak for him. got a caution.

b) past boyfriend left me with £1,00000's of debt on joint account.

c) latest employer is a total *****; wanted me out six months ago to get her mate in; ive held on in but i won't exactly get a glowing reference.


This job I've just put in for is doomed?!!!

katt261 katt261
36-40, F
Mar 5, 2010