All My Personal Data Was Stolen: They Have a Treat In Store Lol

TOTAL AND UTTER IDIOT:   some fuker has just seized my PC by remote access and hijacked it!!! 

the pc was behaving even worse than usual and i was intending to run a check on it as soon as i remembered to: either that or (or possibly in addition to that) i was thinking how old my hard-drive is and that it might be time check out a cool new tower

it has been this way for some time but every time i do switch it on, something needs to be done:  email returned, most often but, since i do write stuff intended for places other than this site, i also have some work in my docs plus the usual assortment of pix and music (pix all backed up but for the most recent; a week ago or so)  and music:  total trite shite that will delight the hijacker's ear HAHA i wish i were massively into heavy metal now but anyway, no worries;  my pc is not my main source of music and hallelujah for that!!!

it might have just been a general virus; i would rather that really than to think that somehow someone targetted me and seized control by remote access and stole my personal files  ---  but the 'remote access' box was checked and it should not have been and how long there has been 'administrator' as well as 'name of person who actually owns the darned thing' -'administrator' been there?   well, a lot has been going on recently; i have a feeling it was a while ...  whatever

all cards belonging to whomever have been stopped and those financial details taken care of as much as is possible;  good luck to anyone attempting to use my details cos you'll have one hell of a job impersonating me and as for my postal address:  yipee-ay-ooh! that postal address is rather more complicated than it may appear but i shall say no more except that i have always been superparanoid about these things and there may or may not be apparent consequences    hahahaha

as far as any one suspect goes; well,  i was having a go at writing the lyrics to a brand-new (to me!) concept of collanberating in a musical getting down the lyrics of a song which made it seem as though i were one of the lizard-type beings that david icke in many of his books refers to as dwelling in the lower fourth dimension and i was having a fine time getting into character :  these beings certainly exist in some way and now i hear they often hijack the internet for their own purposes:   if you are in receipt of this first draft,  please do not assume i am a long-lost reptile who is longing to return home!  do ask first, thank you!  please do not assume that that is actually what i think of these reptiles, either!  she is an individual with many lovable qualities...!  and further, if you (not you who is reading this) yes, you, the total **** who did this, please do not assume that i don't have contacts who have co-worked with me on this project who will be any the less incandescent with outrage over it as i am myself (i was not even the lead writer on this!)  and what else might it be dangerous for the culprit to assume, should it be personal and not just any old virus...

...there is something more but darned if i can recall... it involves something to do with some of that data being rather dangerous, laughable as it may all initially seem;  ah well, i am not forgetting on purpose but be warned, nonetheless.   Something to do with protection from dark magic rituals that i was working on.   Ah, yes,  i have blocked out the details on purpose;  bit distressing.   There, then:  i have done more than enough damage limitation

i sincerely hope it was just a virus  --  would not like to be caught in the possession of some of that material, had i (not that i'd ever!) stolen someone's personal data;  highly sensitive stuff and i will have to tell every person i have worked with, past and present, if there are any details of theirs on the loose.   I know I am trusted so beware, you thieving nutter:  this seriously is a fair warning;  i will not take direct action but i cannot say the same for a few of my more sensitive cases;   as for the published work,  no worries with me:  the publishers will sue if needs be

and i don't even have to begin to think about ought i or not get a new tower now LOL  clearly i have to ---and thank heavens the most seriously sensitive stuff never even goes on the drive that interacts with the internet except for emails which are lifted straight off  and into my laptop; the one that never says hello to the internet  

    i am also so incandescent with the nerve of the idiot or idiots who did this, virus or whatever, that i have a lovely hyper-glittery buzz and i am feeling it nicely all in all,  not the catastrophy it might have been:   just your ordinary calamity    LOL 


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4 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Thanks WM! although how can i secure it more? love you too sweetie xxx

It's scary to know this can be done with a remote control. It might have something to do with your connection to the internet is not securied.<br />
BTY, I love and Miss You.

you're very welcome; now i have taken all the action i need just in case to warn people, it does sound like a weird fairy-tale: but it is all true; i had no idea it could be done: how i basked in my ignorance...! i would have been yet more careful had i known this was so apparently easy to do; will be from now on, for sure!

Interesting story. Thanks for sharing and giving me a little giggle this morning.