Around March 28, 2014, my exboyfriend contacted me saying something about drinking and I asked him to stop texting me because I have a boyfriend. I started crying, Buddy got really mad at this guy, so he made me change my number, so he could never contact me again. I was extremely mad. Around May 16, 2014, this random person started texting me and they said I loved you than Buddy Harris did, so I was wonder what was going on. He said this is your recent exboyfriend that you flew to see. Buddy Harris has tricked me before and I caught him texting me on the same phone with different numbers before and I caught him in our hotel room trying to trick me. He would say this is Brandon not Buddy Harris, but he confessed to it. He would text me from numbers on his phone because it was an app on his phone, so he can do that. I asked him, "Why did you text me on other phone numbers," and he said, "I text you on other phone numbers to make sure you are not cheating on me," and he was played this game with all the girls he has been with, so I knew he had trust issues. He broke my phone four times, so I had no contact with anybody. There was a guy texting me during the time and we are talking now. Buddy would delete and block guys off my Facebook to control me. Girls never get a guy like this in your life. He added girls back on his Facebook to make me jealous.
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I already let experience project know about this story.

Wow thats really messed up . He must of have severe anxiety about u leavin him or cheating on him

Why did he think I was cheating on him?

There was an exboyfriend of mine and now are together a month after this. He was texting that I miss you, I ignored him I had an abusive boyfriend and the exboyfriend this guy would call my grandma to see where I was at and emailing him too. My abusive exboyfriend would always say you don't love secretly he was right because he was beating me up the first month I was there. Go read another story that I wrote above this too. Thanks for posting.Good day to you. Have a great evening.