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A little bit longer than a year ago a friend of mine was killed in a car crash. He was 15 and was riding with a drunk driver. They jumped the hill and smashed into a telephone pole killing him instantly while the driver survived. He was charged with manslaughter. His death affected me strongly. It is terribly sad he died so young. He had a hard life but was a good kid. Now thinking about him has got me tearing up.... Rip Brandon 4/22/11
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:-( what a shame. SAY NAY TO DRUNK DRIVING! R.I.P.

Yeah, it didnt stop anyone at my school from drinking though so..

What?! Oh hell no! That doesn't seem right!

Thats how i feel, but people are so stupid

Yes, people can be very stupid. I dunno why they do it! You can't benefit from drunk driving but they must think its "cool"

i guess


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im so sorry