Gentle Giant

I brought my Rottwieler home 8 years ago.. He was beautiful. We named him Mongo, he was the sweetest dog I've ever had. When my daughter was born he'd stand guard, and then as she got bigger she would ride him around like a horse.. And he would let her. This past June he started limping and his fron left leg was swollen... I thought he broke it.. He was always charging the door.. We went to the vet.. He didn't break it. Mongo was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma an aggressive type of bone cancer prevalent in Rottwielers. He got a very bad prognosis and I was forced to put him to sleep the very next day. I stayed with him while they put him down.. And nothing has been the same since, it will be 3 months this Saturday and I still cry myself to sleep. **** you cancer, you stole my Mongo boy.
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I just lost my Lucy to a cayote attack... best of wishes to you and your family.

(I love big dogs- they're such big babies with amazing personalities)

I can certainly relate to your last sentence ... 8 years is not a bad life for a dog - you did the right thing for him and I know it isn't easy. I grew up on a farm and accept the death of animals as part of life -they never out live us, but nothing prepared me for my horse breaking his leg in a rabbit hole when I was 13. I ran all the way home to get help but dad was somewhere else and mum + my sister were away in town. I knew what had to be done - he was suffering, so I loaded a rifle and ran back to where Guys lay (yeah I know - weird name , Dad named him ...there was a dance troop called "Guys and Dolls" and our mare was called Doll ) and I shot him. That day still haunts me nearly 30 years later.