Went Out Last Night And Got Drunk

My bf saw me last night in a right state.  I got really drunk. I've got a lot on in my head right now. He's just dropped me off at home and I know I won't see him again. 

He wants someone who doesn't smoke, doesn't drink (a lot) and I'm not her.

He said if he'd known that I smoked he would never have asked me out.

So last night after me getting extremely drunk isn't gonna go down well either.

I thought this guy was different. Thought he'd be someone who could understand me.

Guess not.

katt261 katt261
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4 Responses Mar 13, 2010

some people dont get it,sometimes u need to get a from things,so she got drunk,so,so she smoked,so.I smoke sometimes,but the last time i did was last summer,sometimes drinking and smoking help to cope,to zone out.katt..i still would be with u

How long have you 2 been dating? Accept yourself and others will accept you. Change to make yourself a better person, not to fit into somebody else's ideal. you are who you are and either he wants to be with you or not. You can't make somebody love you, either he does or does not. If this is not who you are call in a couple of days (or text) and apologize for your bad behavior and see what happens.

Seems to me like you are the problem here. If your not willing to fix things with yourself, then sorry but I don't blame him for leaving.....

why did u get drunk in the first place? its not a solution if u really like this guy. u didn't give him or yourself the chance to see where the relationship was going. good luck