The First Trials


All my life I have enjoyed new things, new experiences, new sensations.

Not being Gay ( I think), and now living by myself, in my Autumn years, sex Had been better !

And frankly, the urge had wained a bit.

Looking around the web, it seemed that self accomplished anal ************ was pleasant, and if anything, good for you.

Wow !!

I must admit, i had always liked small veggies up my bottom, without really knowing why, they were pleasant, even if they hurt a bit.

Felt that a huge **** up there might just tear me to bits !

Anyway, I ordered one of these things from their website.

All arrived in "A plain Wrapper".... Couldn't wait to get it inside me !

And yes, it is REALLY pleasant.

It is only lubed up and pushed (maybe pulled )past my sphincter a few minutes before I'm leaking precum ( that tastes SO good)

A few problems - I can't get to the BIG O that others write about.  And I get SO horny that I have to finish by jacking off, and that's wearing me out.

And this morning, after a great climax yesterday, I thought I'd start of the day with a little insertion, lying in bed ruminating.  (actually dropped off, it was very early)

Well its been terrible, havn't been able to concentrate on anything, just keep thinking sex, and having that lovely minipennis massaging me again !

Took some photos of me last evening.  -- the expression is quite genuine.

So, I tell you all this, try it.  _---   with a little warning.


'S Lovely

Enjoy, let's hear your stories

. Moddle

Moddle Moddle
70+, M
Feb 22, 2010