The Mormon / Lds Church Cult

Definition of Cult: A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

Why do I now consider the Momon / LDS Church to be a cult? Because I can now see how the church works to isolate members, to lure new members and how everything that is said and done in public is meant to present a favorable facade so that the church as a whole is accepted and at times even admired. The turth is that behind the public image, past the donations of money to outside organizations, the Mormon / LDS Church is nothing but an organization built on lies and using its members to gather wealth, resources and more members.

I was amongst the blind followers who did what he was told and was chastized each time I questioned something. I was told time and time again to read the book (Book of Momrons) until the answers that I needed came. To most members of the church, this is enough to have them find an answer, but to me the more I read the more I came to see the lies that I was being force-fed, the deception that had been at the very foundation of the church and its beliefs.

Most organized religions will allow people to walk in or out without too much fuss. A further proof as to the Mormon / LDS Church being a cult is the way they control their membership, and the work required to be removed from the countless lists they have. Many lkely remain because it is too much work to escape and vanish from their radar, others who have left are often hunted and harrased until they finally give in and return. This is not the acts of a caring, loving religion but of a controlling cult that desires nothing more than the power and money given to them by their willing slaves.

I am free of the church and will be forever grateful that I was able to escape. I can only hope that through my sharing these experiences here I can open other's eyes to the lies and warn them of the evil that the church and its leaders are creating. Yes the church may do "good" in some of its actions, but as an organization, the Mormon / LDS Church is an instrument of evil destroying and enslaving lives all under the falsehood of salvation.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Glad to hear you got out of that mess. I lived in Utah for ten years and observed the insanity around me. People were like zombies things were neglected and falling down. Peoples minds were stunted , kind of shut down or diverted. When I moved I went to a small town out of state. Their were a lot of thug types but I noticed that even they were healthier and more vibrant than the numb distracted people I knew in Utah. It was very refreshing just being around people who had opinions , who thought and lived again. People just don't get the damage that kind of garbage does.

I left a cult many years ago. If you ever need to talk let me know. Good for you.