i have just left a church in australia which does not allow members to see their backslider family members.two of my children had left and i have a son still attending with his wife and my 2 grand daughters.my husband and i have left, and we may not be able to have much contact with our grand daughters and this fills me with dread.we left because it was being preached that you could not go to backslider weddings and women have been expelled for continuing to go to the gym.children are not allowed to go to after school sports as it is worldly to mix with unsaved, kids are told to stay at home away from the worldly influences of other kids.we are joining another church which is more welcoming and cares for its sheep,unlike the church we left where they never contacted my daughter to find out why they had stopped attending and still have not.my daughter and her family  stopped going to that church in december and it is now may, and a loving shepherd cares for his sheep and counts his sheep and goes looking until he finds his lost sheep and brings them back into the fold. i am weeping as i write this but i have stood fast with the courage of my convictions.my heart goes out to any who are going through something similar.and i hope that you find a good straight path to follow and continue on in your salvation as i will do.
teddydog teddydog
May 17, 2012