Sharing My Husband


Frist of all we’re 2 couples between 28 & 30 and my best girlfriend since our teens both share our husbands.

It was a relationship that grew over time and I think we all knew that sooner or later it would evolve to where it is today. Back while we were all single we used to kiss each other’s b/fs on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, new year, etc. flirty, lingering kisses with a bit of tongue. Once at an outdoors drive-in movie we switched guys for a while and did some heavy necking but that was about it.

One evening after we were married a couple of years the 4 of us were sitting around on the rug playing a sexy game (fully clothed) with 2 dice, each one said to do something to your partner. One was different types of kissing and the other touching different body parts. For the first while we used our own spouses and then someone suggested we switch so my hubby sat next to my friend and hers next to me.

The guys rolled first and as the dice indicated my husband slow kiss my g/f twice and feel one of her breasts. During the first kiss he gave her some tongue and the second kiss she gave him tongue…what a turn on for me! When her husband rolled the dice he had to french kiss me and feel between my legs. After a few more rolls of the dice and watching each other with the other’s spouses we were really, really hot. For some time we had talked about ******* each other’s partners and this was the perfect time – so we did and have been for the past 2 years.

While playing the game we’d French kissed and groped each other pretty well everywhere and full blown sex was the only thing left. We talked about the "should we really" and "I will if you want to and you will" and decided to go for it. I’d always wanted to watch my g/f suck my husband’s **** and we often fantasized about the other husband (his best guy friend) ******* me.

After a brief discussion as to go to separate rooms or do 4 in the same room the voyeur in us choose the same room. We all found it INCREDIBLE to watch your spouse do oral sex and then **** your best friend and we’ve continued doing it for the last 2 years.

Now the 4 of us **** in the same room or the same bed once a month,my husband with my g/f and her husband with me. Once a month we share our husbands privately but not always on the same evening. Sometime my husband goes over there for the night and screws my g/f which entitles her husband to come over and use me on a night of his choice. 

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Awesome. I bet you have some amazing *******.
By the way. Very nice profile pic. Luv your cleavage too ;)

do you prefer to allow your hubbie to sleep with other women, or for you to be taken by other men?

Other than ourselves we only have sex with the couple we've been friends with since our teens. We're exclusive with them, clean and do everything bareback.


Loving your openness :) hope you have very many enjoyable accouters

That sounds like alot of fun I wish my wife and I had friends like that

What a great friendship!

yummy hot story.

oh my god that sounds so sexy

Thanks for your comment. Have you received many pics for girls yet?

A few but not a lot

Nice arrangement...has to be so intense! Would love an add !

Help me bust?

Mmm if you were here right now I'd be happy to.
Would you like to start with my soft hands?

Love to be in your circle. Please add me, love your style

Thanks for the reply. I prefer ladies I my circle.

I also enjoy ladies FMF. Is my favorite.

So hot I am on fire

You are one sexy girl... ;)

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would like a ********* with U 2

Awesome, please add me

As soon as you get a sex change - lol.
Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

As soon as you get a sex change lol.

Couple here too. Wife is bi and we love to play and share with others.

Where was this freedom and attitude when my wife and I were your age? Congrats to all of you.

Add me

Cool arrangement !!

Thanks for sharing that great story. I suspect that such sharing between good friends is much more common than suspected!

Hey nice story...loved reading it...Yes I know how much fun it is to share and get shared....

Wow that is an open relationship. Sounds interesting.please add me as a friend.

Great story, it is refreshing to read about people sharing their spouses and understanding that eating Filet Mignon every day although very good trying something else will not kill you and will make you appreciate the Filet more
can you add me

I have read several of your stories and been incredibly turned on. My husband is 27, the best father and an amazing husband and I want to give him the gift of sleeping with other women. I know he has fantasized about it for a very long time and I don't think it is my right to hold him back from enjoying his one and only life. Plus it will be nice to watch him pleasure another woman, as he is very good in bed. He has a very active libido, while mine has fallen off the waste side since I had my daughter.

Being VERY new to all of this, we are talking less than 2 weeks, where do I even begin. I have a few (4) rules that he needs to follow, but other than that I really don't know how to move forward. Any suggestion would be great.



Perhaps if you told me your 4 rules I'd be better able to give you my opinion. Thanks for commenting on my story and congrats on your agreeing to share your husband. Watching him **** another woman may very well restore you libido!!

If I become interested in indulging, I have to have more sex with my husband than all other combined. If it ever gets emotional, all ties are broken. Prior approval by me. (I'm a big believer in sharing energy) and complete openness about everything.

And no one is allowed to *** on my face other than my husband. His rule of course.

Well if you and your husband have agreed to the 4 rules the only outstanding issue is to have the new participants be aware and agree to the same.

With us it took a consoderable amount of talking by both couple and whether we would have same room sex or private. Our first time was same room and the second time was private. We now do 1 of each a month.

It sounds like your both ready so make it happen. Do you want to watch him with other women? Will he be watching you with other men? For us there is no greater turn on the "watcing" and "being watched"!


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wow thats hot ! ant MFM 3 somes ? hmmmmmmmm

Occasionally among the 4 of us. Any yourself hhmm?

i have had the pleasure of 3 MFM 3smomes. still waiting for a FMF for me . a bucket list dream. in my experience. most women get jealous watching another girl **** their bf ! too emotional ! maybe someday !

Fun times indeed!

Ahhh I can't even get a message through...:(

Too hot. That would be so fun. My wife will not entertain the idea and thinks I am strange for even bringing it up. I guess I will never have the opportunity to enjoy an evening like that, lucky you.

Any rules?

Not realy - we usually share twice a month - once privately in each other's homes and once in the same room or same bed. No secrets.

I see we're both Canadian. We live in MB.

You say about once a month your husband goes over and ***** your girlfriend, which give her husband which entitles her husband to come over and **** you on the night of his choice. Where does the husband whose wife is getting **** go and what does he do on those nights? If it were me, I would want to be in the guest room visualizing (and maybe hearing) as another man ***** my wife in our marital bed.

Pleasure. I have never been to MB but will be spending a while in Portage this summer lol. I've heard there isn't much there.

As for rules I've always been curious how it would all work. Sounds like you are pretty comfortable. My head goes towards logistics like condoms or kissing or *** etc

Nothing? Lol

Compared to New York there isn't much in Portage.
Compared to some small towns it's like New York!! LOL

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that was a real sportsman spirit..

I hope you succeed - the experience is unbelievable!
Thanks for writing.

I'd like to share my husband, I'm working on opening up to the idea...I liked your story, it sounds like how I imagine myself and husband doing it :)

WOW what A super COOL set up U have created 4 U'rselves , It sounds like U all have A very special closeness that really works well 4 U all & thats GREAT !! Please add me Beautiful LOVE 2 see all U'r pics , THANKS !!

Hi WT - it's mostly switching but on special occasions like birthdays we've done 3 on 1.
How about you?

Thanks ES I'm glad it had that effect on you. Kisses to you too!

OMG your story got me so hot... even my breathing became difficult I kid you not... Thanks for "sharing"... hehe


Great Story. I need the instructions so my wife and I can play. Thanks for sharing

Have you watched another couple **** or been watched getting ******?

wow--very erotic and hot... plz add me on...would luv to chat with u..see my site and pics and le me know

My husband and I shared with anohter couple before then, unfortunately they got transferred after only 3 times together. We discussed this with our current couple but none of us have extended to anyone else. Because we're exclusive we do everything bare back. It's so erotic when one of us goes to the other spouses home for the sheer purpose of *******!

That is a beautiful story well written. It is very hot, and I appreciate the affection and openness among all of you.

Have any of you gone beyond this foursome to swing with others?
If not, have you talked about it?

Fun for all....!!!

This is soooooo sexy!

That is so hot. I hope one day to find myself in such a realtionship :)

You are so naughty, your husband is lucky to have you. Enjoy and have fun...

very cool concept---very healthy and positive..luv that..plz add me on

Hey, it looks like we have a lot in common... we would love to be friends with you and get to know both of you a little bit better.

Reply by blacklingerie0 Jun 27th, 2012 at 11:45AM <br />
<br />
I'll admit the potential for a disaster is always a possibility but we didn't start on this journey without a lot of discussion and especailly trust. If anything the excitement has slightly wained over the years and some months the shairing is only done once and occasionally not at all. <br />
<br />
Our passion was reignited this Feb. when the 4 of us went on an all inclusive 10 day vacation to the Dom. Rep. with adjoining rooms. The agreement was that any spouse could be shared anytime privately our in view of the others! Save Cancel <br />
Further to my message below our passion was reignited this Feb. when the 4 of us went on an all inclusive 10 day vacation to the Dom. Rep. with adjoining rooms. The agreement was that any spouse could be shared anytime privately our in view of the others!

Just saw that this was a Sept 2010 thread. Interesting to see where it is now...

I'll admit the potential for a disaster is always a possibility but we didn't start on this journey without a lot of discussion and especailly trust. If anything the excitement has slightly wained over the years and some months the shairing is only done once and occasionally not at all.

Further to my message below our passion was reignited this Feb. when the 4 of us went on an all inclusive 10 day vacation to the Dom. Rep. with adjoining rooms. The agreement was that any spouse could be shared anytime privately our in view of the others!

Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me! I'm sure all is fun at the moment, but what's your plan if the other two start seeing each other more regularly, and not always telling you about it. It is possible, that with the stresses that life brings, moving in with her permanently may be a "change" and then what?

Wow, I just couldn't imagine this scenario ever. It got me wound up though. Y'all must be having the time of your life.

Would love to watch lol<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

Damn now that what i call friendship - real nice

I would love it if you allowed me into your circle

We like to share as well. It's definitely very hot and we both enjoy it more each time !

Wow I like the sound of the naughty games, and definatly swapping sounds fun weather private or not! ;)

what an awesome friend ship you guys must be really close!!!

WOW that has me turned on!

Sounds like a perfect situation for all...I hope it continues to be as exciting as you have described. There seems to be good communication which is so important to make it work so nicely. Thanks for sharing the suc cess :-) dc

God this is so hot. I wish I had friends that were open about sex like we are. My friends think I'm a freak AND are SUPER jealous of their husbands (PLUS, no one in this damn town is attractive that I know...ugh)

Sounds great !! Hope you add to see/hear more about you

i love couples like you! please add me, id love to chat :)

Really amazing. So happy that it is a special connection for you both.

You both sound fantastic, hoping I can get my wife interested as well. Love to be added. thanks

You guys really know how to have fun. You are so hot!

That is great that the four of you can trust each other to that point. I am sure there is never a dull moment.

Amazing!!!! Great way to keep all yer lives interesting! So Jealous!!!!

ı would love to meet u more ındeed<br />
hope ı am lucky <br />

hi Crystal<br />
wht a Hottest story<br />
ı desıre to hear more<br />
ı wısh u gıve me chance to be ur frıend<br />
<br />

Sweet, hot & sexy, as in VERY!

great story. thanks for sharing

I wish my wife was more like you. I envy your sexual freedom!

That's a beautifully hot story. I could literally picture you all rolling the die and french kissing and touching and thoroughly arousing each other.<br />
<br />
Would love to be a friend. xxxx

If only other couple took a page out of your book - there would be a lot less divorce about in my very humble opinion! As the old saying goes " those who play together, stay together"

If word ever got out about this your circle of friends might expand to epic proportions. Of course judging by your picture and those sexy stocking clad legs how could your g/f or her husband resist your charms.

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Great story. You are fortunate to have such a great friendship and to enjoy one another so freely.

This is so erotic. I loved how it evolved and how you all trust each other. Wonderful!

You need to talk to my wife,, a great story

Where do you get those dice? Great story. <br />
Thanks for sharing.<br />
ps:<br />
could you please friend me?

Same room is so much more fun-not just the sights,but the sounds as well-slurp slurp,moan moan,squeal squeal, beg how about adding me,so I can tell you more,about MY adventures.....

One of my fondest memories was when the other woman sucked my **** while her boyfriend ****** my girlfriend.

Long time friendships turning into more. What a great lifestyle & I admire your choices!

Sounds like a great arrangement.<br />
I like your style and attitude

I have to envy your relationship with your spouse and your friends as well!<br />
<br />
It must be nice to have such an open and honest relationship, both ways. I really believe the world would be a better place if there were more love, and more open minded people like you and your friends.

Most men can only dream about having such a sexy wife as you!

Mmmm sounds so good

Great story. I would love to be able to do that with my wife and her best friend.

Well dorobo aren't you the dirty letcher - lol! Actually its the other husband's turn to have me privately tomorrow night. Looking forward to it. -Crystal

Wow i'm extremely turned on by this:) Thanks for sharing...