Childhood Prank

The first time I remember being afraid of crabs was when I was on a school trip at about the age of 8. A boy found a crab claw and chases me down the beach with it. Stupid I know but now even looking at images of crabs, lobsters, crawfish anything with the claw makes me skin crawl and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Some strong mother role I am when I won't go near the beach front incase one sneaks up on me.
Jennidaniel Jennidaniel
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

We always head hermit crabs as pets when we were little. When I was about 4, my uncle brought us a new one.. it grabbed a hold of my chubby toddler sisters hand and wouldnt let go even with her shaking her hand madly. My uncle ripped it off and stepped on it.. i have nightmares, cant look at them, (even struggle with animated ones) and people think its a joke.. i even cancelled a trip to Jamaica because at certain times of the year, crabs are all over..

I've had the exact same experience with children taking pranks on me chasing me with crab claws, because they knew it would cause complete panic in me. I understand how you feel. To be honest I find it such a ridiculous fear. I find it very interesting that this is actually a common thing. I got a little worried about my phobia after having returning nightmares about beaches and crabs... But actually I can't help feeling a little happy that this is an actual known phobia and that I'm not the only one having it. Because actually I'm the only one I know. I feel less weird now :P