Keloid Shrinking

Hey, my names Sam, due to half ripping out a piercing on my ear lobe I started to see a scar growing, It was growing fast, got to the size of a pencil eraser in a week and was continuing to grow to almost the size of a marble, I got it checked out by various people, Piercers, doctors, dermatologists, everyone said it was a Keloid scar. And I freaked out looking at the various images on the internet of large growing scars that dont stop, also the fact that there is no proven cure.
Well, after turning down injections because of the price, I decided to try some natural healing cures, such as tea tree oil, ACV, but those didnt do much apart from make the scar feel hot (but thats just personal, its best to try everything). Then I found some cream, hydrocortisone that I would often use on exma, and realised that it has cortisone in it, which was in the injections the doctors offered me, so I started applying it 4 or 5 times a day, ( available at chemists with no prescription I think). Also using Vitamin E oil ( the 100% stuff) helps soften the scar and let the other cream go deep into the tissue.
It takes time to see the initial results, but one month later, I barely feel a bump, and i think it will go away all together with continued use.
I believe that Keloids also form quicker if you dont have enough Iodine, so its best to take a suppliment every day to help your body cure.
I think that there is plenty of cures for Keloids, its just that some work better for others.
I hope some people try the Vitamin E oil + Iodine + Hydrocortisone cream combination, and let me know if you have the same success that I did.
good luck, never give in!
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thank you for posting this. I have a keloid from having had stitches on lip, chin as a result of a dog bite. the md told me to apply vitamin e oil several times a day but did not mention hydrocortisone, which seems to work faster per your post. I will try. it's always amazing to see the kindness of people who post their experiences and help total strangers across the globe

I also had a keloid on my ear and got it removed surgically like a few weeks ago, I feel like its growing back even though its not visible yet, but my doc have me the hydrocortisone that might help so it doesn't grow back, and the vitamin e oil is helping with the itching too. I just hope it doesn't grow back.

I had my keloids for a while, I have went to a dermatologist to get injections and use cordan tape... But it was not very effective for me. My keloids was reducing but could not get completely flat... And because it could not get completely flat when I stop getting the injections they grew back to the same size. I also use cordan tape but it was painful when it was time to pull them off causing more irritation to my skin. I told my dermatologist that i did not like the tape so he put me on a gel i forgot the name of it but it work better for my skin. I heard about this new treatment called cyrotherapy and Im thinking about asking my dermatogist about it... But it is always useful to find out new ways that are not expensive on trying to get rid of keloids so thanks!!! God knows how much I spent on my injections and it was not really helpful for me but maybe it was to others.

I have had small to medium, nothing ever bigger then a bean or marble. My family have always told me draw out salve, it soothes but doesn't heal or reduce them i will try the e oil and Hydrocortisone.

I had a keliod on my ear that was very large - like a huge jelly bean. It was so bad that I had to get it surgically removed. The doctor gave me a cortison shot when he was finished sewing my ear to keep the swelling down/prevent more kelioding. Unfortunately, my ear is starting to keliod again (the problem is mostly my skin. I have this problem when my skin makes too much scar tissue.) Anyway, I'm going to try your method before doing the shots again. I'm praying it works. I donlt know what to do if I'm stuck with a huge keloid again. I was so happy when I got it removed - but I can;t do another surgery because it would take off what's left of my earlobe.

So all fingers crossed! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this!

i found alot of responses about keloids healing with this cream, i have one forming and ugh its so ugly :{ but i feel confident that if i use this cream religiously it will go away. Id rather do this than have my ear being cut at+pay that high price of someone butchering my ear up. but hey thats just me. thanks so much for sharing and i hope i have the same luck as you have had. happy holidays :D

What Laniece said is actually true there is really not over the counter way to remove keloids. Silicone sheets, steroid injections which has a higher amount of corticoid in it, and it's the proper cortico steroid. Hydrocortisone does not contain Triamcinolone acetonide which is used to flatten keloids.

I am currently medical student researching new treatments for Keloids and I have discovered that Hyaluronic acid is severely effective because it breaks down tissues, and Keloids are an over production of collagen and fibroblast.

Where can Hyaluronic acid be purchased at? Would u suggest mixing it with iodine and vitamin e?

Where can one get this treatment?

well im glad its working for you it was not to be disrespectul i was just giving my opinion as a medical professional... hope everything works out for you...

well, thats just your opinion, there are many different ideas about healing, and I gave mine, what I have been doing is working for me and may work for others.

Honestly im a dermatology nurse and the only thing that will help is an steriod Injection or a Rx called Cordran tape

I think you are absolutely right! I have ton of keloids, around 60, yes my family has Thyroid issues, my sis has only one keloid. I have used every treatment one can think of on every keloid I have. Best is Cortisone injection. Iodine + DMSO works well too, takes about 3 months.

What is DSMO and can it be purchased over the counter?