I have keloids on my Mons Pubis (google the term and you will know). I have three and they are to say the least they are just embarressing. I have decided not to get surgery because my doctor just told me that there is a high chance for them to grow back even bigger!. I hate them and they make me very self conscience. In fact i basically dont date because how can i explain that hey i have Keloids that look like effing mushrooms down there. I know i should feel blesses because there are women who have them in more visible areas of their bodies and i can definitly understand their frustrations but its like i feel soooo crappy because i basically cant be intimate with someone because i dont want them to freak out and think i am wierd when in fact keloids is something that is out of my control. They just suck because they make my self esteem low. i just dont think i will ever be happy because of them
toofargone toofargone
22-25, F
Oct 15, 2010