My Keloid Experience And Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

Hi there,
My name is Joey Jones. I have lived with keloids since my late teens and have had every single treatment a person could bear for the last 10 years or more. The word "discouraging" doesn't even describe what we go through when it comes to this horrible condition. Not only that, we most times suffer in silence because we are ashamed of this affliction. Over the last 10 years I have dedicated my time and efforts to searching for something that would rid us of this horrible skin disease. While doing that I have been able to live a somewhat normal life and pursued everything that I would have otherwise. All this time, for the most part, I have suffered silently. When I was dating, none of the women knew a thing about my condition. When I first met my wife it was months before I even showed her one of them, not that she couldn't feel them through my shirt, anyways. Trying to find strategic ways to keep them concealed can be a daunting task, and we all have our unique stories about that, I'm sure of!
I started exhibiting signs of keloids at the age of 18. I was working out a lot in high school and amidst my breakouts started noticing these little pimples on my chest weren't going away. One of my good friends, at the time, brought this to my attention. It baffled me to say the least. I had called a few dermatologists at the time and each one of them had their own thoughts and feelings about the condition. The next ten years would be quite a bumpy ride, I'll just say that! Have you guys ever felt like a guinea pig or lab rat? Being poked and prodded at in hopes that you would be the last person they would come across before one of their experiments finally worked? That is precisely how I have felt for ten years plus. I have, over the years seen a dozen doctors and have had every treatment imaginable. You name it, I have had it! I'm sure that most of you can attest to this. Out of all these treatments, the one that I felt I responded best to was cryosurgery. It wasn't the greatest response, but anything of satisfactory response was better than everything I had had up until then. For some reason that stuck in my head for years. I had kenalog injections(which were extremely painful!) which would provide some flattening for about 2 to 4 months and then "BAM!" we were right back where we started. Mind you this was on over 30 keloid scars on my chest, shoulders and back. It felt like being attacked by a swarm of bees. I had a few of them excised and injected with cortisone and man, was that a messy process! The keloids came back bigger than before. I even had them lasered over and over and over. It hurt, it stung and it did absolutely nothing! Actually, I take that back, it did do something. It made them bigger and bigger and... more irritated than before. Now I encounter Doctor after Doctor that won't go anywhere near these things. It's too risky for them. There is nothing more discouraging than being told "Joey, there is nothing else we can do for you, now that will be 300 dollars for the injections!" This was all about 5 years ago. I felt somewhat helpless, But I knew that God would pull me through and I knew there was hope out there.
One day about 3 or so years ago I came across a website. It claimed that it had a very effective method of treatment for keloids and hypertrophic scars. Needless to say I became slightly interested. It was called "Cryoshape" and it was developed by a man from Israel. It claimed to use an intralesional cryoprobe that was inserted into the scar and was able to freeze it for long periods of time. Something that conventional topical cryosurgery could not. It freezes the deep tissue of the scar without harming the surrounding tissue. Doctors were able to freeze the tissue, if needed, for up to 30 minutes at 300 degrees below zero. This was fascinating to me. The only problem was that it was relatively new and there weren't too many Doctors performing it in the united states at the time. But from that moment I had hope again! Big scars or small, it was able to treat them no matter what the case. I looked up testimonials and saw before and after pictures and my mind was blown. Scars the size of baseballs were reduced to little nubs on someones ear. Scars the size of fingers on chests and backs were nothing but lightly colored white flesh after this treatment. The problem still remained, however, how was I going to get it? It took a few years of waiting to get it back into the states again and when it returned I set up a date to receive the treatment. I spoke with president of the company and he assured me that he has seen miracle with this treatment. I was highly skeptical but it was definitely worth a shot since nothing else was effective and these keloids were still growing. The only issue still remained. There were only a few select surgeons performing this procedure. Things, however, were getting much more encouraging and my wife and family were ecstatic. I flew to NYC to see a surgeon that was trained on the apparatus by the name of Dr. Z Paul Lorenc. Such a fantastic, understanding man. He had performed the procedure over 50 times and he said the results were remarkable. During the procedure a local anesthetic was applied to the area before inserting the probe and there was absolutely no pain. He performed the procedure on nearly all of my scars in just over 5 and half hours( Like I said earlier, I have many.) I actually fell asleep during the procedure. That is the first indicator of how painless it really was. The scars over the next 72 hour period swelled up pretty good and blistered. The pain, however, post surgery was somewhat non-existent, just a little uncomfortable considering the mass amount of surgery that was performed on my body. Over the following weeks the scars scabbed up and fell off. I kept them clean( with the help of my wife) everyday and applied ointments and kept them bandaged to reduce the risk of infection. Most of my scars now are nearly 90% resolved, have a slight pinkish pigment( which will eventually look like a normal scar)and have stopped itching a burning completely! The Cryoshape procedure has changed my life! That is a highly optimistic expression for me in terms of what I have dealt with for the last decade. I wouldn't say it unless I completely meant it. It is unique and revolutionary and that is why I came on this forum. I want to see people with one or many keloids resolved once and for all! We don't have to live like this anymore. There is hope for this condition. The recurrence rate for a keloid after the cryoshape treatment is less than 3% and can be performed more than once on rather large keloids. We need more surgeons in the U.S. and elsewhere to know about this procedure. It works like nothing I have ever seen and usually a single treatment is required depending on scar volume. No more injections over and over, no more radiation or lasers. This is usually beyond me to go on to a forum and express this, but I simply cannot keep it to myself. Look at the Etgar Group website for cryshape and judge for yourself. If there are more Doctors doing this more people can be treated and when more people are treated there will, in turn, be more hope for this condition. It is less expensive than most if not all of the other modalities out there. I wish I could write more but everyone will simply have to see for themselves. Research the web a find out. You make the call.
That is my story in a nutshell and I'm sure there will be much more. God bless everyone here and I hope you find what you seek!
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This was one of the blogs I read that encouraged me to do Cryoshape treatment to my keloids on my chest. They are also located on my sternum area and started when I was 15/16. Dr. Lorenc and his team were honestly great and made me feel extremely comfortable with the whole procedure. The cost came out to be around $2000 for 3 keloids to be treated. Most experiences on here are accurate, it swells up, gets leaky, and then comes back down to a pinkish color. However, to my absolute disappointment, it has come back to its original form (if not a tiny bit larger), with the itchiness and slight pinches of pain every now and then. From my experience and from listening to some real accounts, in order for the procedure to work, the scars must be in locations of little activity or stress. For me, lifting weights, especially for my chest, is essential to my personal happiness and fitness goals so it's difficult for me to give that up for more than a year, let alone the 6 months after the procedure was done. I think that for me, since these scars are only aesthetically displeasing as you all know, having my overall fitness intact is much more important to me so I will choose that when comes down between the two. But I hope this bit of information may help those that are thinking about the procedure. Cryoshape treatment or any treatment that involves using Dry Ice to burn the scars is much more effective on areas that can heal without being stretched or stressed for the entire process and probably for a few years after to ensure the best results.

Thanks to you I just had my first Cryoshape treatment yesterday. My keloid is located in the sternum/chest. So far it has swollen and its oozing watery fluid with spats of blood. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. The cost of my keloid is $800 for a larger 1 and $200 for less 1ce. Hope this works cos i've been through all the above too.

This article really helped me. I have been suffering with chest and shoulder keloids for the past five years. Being a girl it's really difficult in the summer because I can't wear bathing suits, tank tops or dresses. I constantly want to be covered up. Not to mention how painful and itchy and uncomfortable they are. It doesn't help that every time they are exposed people can't help but stare. After reading your article I went to see Dr. Lorenc about 7 months ago and have had some success. He treated some keloids with the laser and those came back worse. I plan to see him in another couple of months to have them treated again with the cryoshape. I was wondering how many times you had to have this treatment done before you saw real results.

Wow I'm definitely gonna look into this I have 4 on my chest and had 2 surgically removed with little success...

Thank you for writing this entry! I have recently come upon information around Cryoshape, and for the first time I feel hope and a chance for getting rid of my chest keloid. I have found a doctor in Canada and am looking forward to beginning my process. I am so happy for you :)

hi, i have keloids too since i was a kid, and want to get rid of it. Just want to know where is the doctor here in canada based, that perform this procedure? thanks.

hope to hear from you.

Hi Dawn,
I haven't been on here for quite some time, but I'd love to help you guys. Your story has really touched me; so much so that I had to share with my mother. Tell your son I know how he feels right now. This procedure is giving people hope with this condition. I could leave a long, drawn out message, but I am just going to give you my number to discuss my procedure and get your son taken care of. You can contact me this evening @ 509.768.5647. We'll discuss everything and I will see if we can get you squared away to get to New York to see Dr. Lorenc and get this taken care of once and for all. Looking forward to your call. God Bless you guys.

Joey I am the mother of a son who has fought keloids for almost 15 years now. He like you has done every treatment available with no avail. He has them on his chest back and jawline on both sides. It makes it hard for him to live any kind of normal life. Two years ago he traveled to Ohio to receive this new treatment. We have found insurance does not cover anything as it is considered a cosmetic situation. My son paid several thousand dollars for a few hours. He had plans to go back in six months. Unfortunately this Dr. was not trained through the Edgar Group has been fired and is currently being sued. It has been another two years for him to find another Dr. in the US to offer this treatment. We received word that Dr. Lorenc would offer the treatment free of charge in exchange for training other physicians. Today however I received word that there would need to be a deposit and additional amount would be due the day of surgery. We live in Iowa. The trip alone is a substantial amount for me to handle. Please let me know what your experience was. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Dawn

Interesting I used something like that without having to go to Israel. I think is the same, it was the first thing my doctor try, it was some Nitrogen injections or does he put in top of it, can't remember, but I know two things it was Nitrogen and it was cold. After that I used CONTRACTUBE gel for about a year or so, I have them all flat like a flat scar, I posted some pictures. I have not seen them for a long time, but now that I look some of them are all blended on my skin. In my case it was a bad case of Chicken Pox gone wrong at 15, I have so many of them, but their huge, and purple like color, and when one of them burst, it was such a deep hole. They all became keloids, but the one on the face, not sure why that one not.

Have to add, that I have not listen any American Dermatologist mentioning this product. I got it in Panama from one of the top Dermatologist in my country. The product is widely available at the pharmacies. I tried to look for it later when in the USA but nobody knows, I had a spider scar not nice, dark round and thick, so I was happy to say I found it at Amazon, price ranges between 20 to 30 dollars. Very small product and I keep it on the fridge.

what the name of the product

Hi everyone, just wanted to add my experiences so far. I have been a keloid sufferer for over 10 years. I have them on the sides of my face, neck, shoulders, chest and back of my head. Over the years I have tried most treatments except radiation, I told myself Id rather live with keloids than live with the threat of the areas turning cancerous. I've tried excesion, steroid injections and solo 5fu injections. I have not tried the steriod/5fu cocktail because I had a bad reaction to the steroid, so I have not gone near the steroids since <br />
<br />
I have known about the cryoshape proceedure for about 4 years. Im very good at researching online, but at the time no one even heard of it in the UK, where I am ba<x>sed. I visited the etgar group site again this year (2012) and they had changed their UK distributor. I contacted the distributor who was very helpful. They informed me that the inventor Pro. Har-Shai was coming to the UK soon to introduce the proceedure to UK clinics and invited me to attend a workshop in nottingham, where I would receive treatment at no cost providing I allowed a team of doctors to observe and learn.<br />
<br />
Anyway to cut a long story short I had 3 keloids frozen. I am literally writing this the day after the operation. The only pain I felt was the local anesthetic shots and for the rest of the 30 mins I was comfortable. 24hrs later I am still relatively pain free, I was expecting the pain to kick in once the numbing shots wore off. In fact the non treated keloids are causing more discomfort than the treated ones. At present they are about 3-4 times there original size. I was expecting this though, as with any trauma our bodys natural response is an inflammatory one. This should go down in a couple of weeks I hope. <br />
<br />
In summary, its early days but I am very optimistic on this treatment working. I dont think any treatment will have a scar looking like 100% normal skin, but Im optimistic in the sense that at the very least they will flatten out and stop hurting.<br />
<br />
To all concerned...there is hope.

Hi Steve how are your keloids? Would you recommend cryoshape. I'm also in the uk and desperately trying to find somewhere offering this procedure? I hear so many mixed reviews so im slightly scared but need yo try something as steroid injections arnt working. Your response would be much appreciated. Thank you

Hello, my friends. So far I have had no recurrence and the pain and itch are completely gone. The scarring continues to fade each and every day for the first 2 to 4 months. Talk to your local dermatologists or plastic surgeon about getting the apparatus. It is tough to give an estimation on price because each case is different. I'll just say this, it is exponentially cheaper than getting laser or cortisone injections. You don't have to keep going back for the rest of your life. It definitely has worked miracles and i'm planning on getting the rest of my scars done very soon! God bless.

hello joey if u ever come back here and see these comments can u plz state how ur doing so far and how much it was for the procedure? id really like some info from u...i have visited the website and like u love to hear from u..someone who has had it done...

How much did it cost to have the procedure??

I can not begin to thank you for sharing your experience with us! you have no idea how much hope you gave me! I'm only 19, and i have been suffering from keliods for 4-5 years, and i went through the same treatments that you went through, and it really was painful and useless just like you said. i will try this operation soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! MAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH ETERNAL HAPPINESS!!!!!!