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So I am 18 years old and when I was 13 I started to get keloids of the top of my shoulders from previous acne scars. For a while I had no idea what they are. Since I have never went swimming with friends, can't wear tank tops or shirts showing my cleavage (scars) and had to miss my junior prom. No one knows but my parents boyfriend and dermatologist. Luckily I have parker my boyfriend but all.of this is just so hard. I can hardly deal with the embarrassment. College is soon and I need your guys support
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I'm 19 and in university; I discovered that the scars on my back were keloids two years back and was devastated. I know I shouldn't care about appearance and that personality defines a person but it's hard when society emphasizes so much on looks. Being a girl, I love clothes, but I feel so self conscious all the time when I wear stuff that reveals my back. Most of my keloid scars derive from acne and it's embarrassing as hell when I have to explain that to people. My boyfriend however keeps assuring me that he doesn't care, but it's hard not to. I want to have beautiful skin, I want to be confident, I want to not care about what other people think. I tried silicone cream and steroid shots but they are not going away. It's not something that will ever go away; I just have to live with it but its makes me sad. So sad. I appreciate art and would love to get tattoos, but I'm afraid to get them.
I just want to say to everyone that keloid scars doesn't matter, and that every one of you are beautiful, but it's hard, cause saying things like that is easy, believing it is a whole different story.
I do however wish to say that I appreciate everyone's story contributions; I'm sure it makes us less lonely in this insecurity.

and remember, Keloids don't define who you are!!!!

im 18 in college and have them, but I'm a guy . have u tried cortisone injections? they will help. i haven't been swimming in i don't know how long either lol, but i was at a hotel at night and nobody was in there so i went swimming. Shoulders are the best place to have them, i have them there, chest, and jaw line, the only person thats opinion matters about you IS YOU! so think highly of yourself and don't worry about what others say, anybody that says anything negative has personal issues, usually low self esteem etc. Stay strong you're lucky to be in america not some 3rd world country where you could be killed by a drone, life is too superficial here, keloids don't matter. In africa tribes give themselves keloids. worse comes to worse ill go to Africa with you :)

You're very welcome to drop by our community for help and support! Hoping to build a community where all keloid sufferers (myself included) can share ideas and help.

I am in the same problem as well, I have been battling it for 32 years!<br />
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you should look into , this is where I may end up having to go. Since all ointments and injections don't work. Especially in hi tension area like your shoulders. <br />
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Delchops,,<br />

In my opinion u have already done the hardest thing keloid sufferers can't do and that is having a significant other...the only support u need is his...I wish I could let my self get over them and try from a girlfriend I let them stop me