My story is no different than the others, I was born with a birthmark on my head a slight elavation of skin. The barber would always nip with clippers I went to a dermatologist (bad decision) he cut it off without closing the wound. That small spot has now become a keloid on my head. I am bald and a public servant with no way to hide my scar. After years of injection and removals each time only making my keloid worse, I resolve to live with it. My journey as a keloid former most be turned into a positive life experience. "Don't let your wounds stop you" we all have wounds some seen and unseen. It has been a lesson in humility and strength of character, I am more than a keloid former, I am a man inspite of a keloid. Some condition are worse than mine and I hope to create space for them in my world not to only see their wound but to see their strength.
Mo1412 Mo1412
56-60, M
Dec 16, 2015