When I was younger I got multiple piercings on my ears because it was the "cool" thing to do. I remember the first little bump that appeared next to my piercing and I was told by a professional piercer it was completely "normal" and it would "go away". Young and naive I believe him and ignored it. As I grew older I removed some of the piercings for a more subtle look and kept only a few. The keloids grew larger until they resembled large peas on my ears. I was so embarrassed and seeked a solution through my doctor. He referred me to a specialist and I had them removed. One was more aggressive than the other and quickly grew back and was then removed a second time. They are now actively growing again despite wearing special clips on my ears at night and getting steroid injections every 8 weeks to stop the growth. My injections are VERY painful and my ears make me feel so self conscious about wearing my hair up because I feel like people are looking at them. It makes me feel sad and frustrated that there is no cure for them and I worry they will keep growing.
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It sucks worrying each time you get a cut that it's going to turn into a giant bump.

Tell me about it. I thankfully haven't had any large cuts that could turn into possible keloid scars or had any other surgery on my body but I worry that the rest of my skin is prone to keloids! I wish there was an answer to fix this horrible problem :(