I Just Found Out My Scar Is A Keloid Scar.

About a month ago I fell off my bike and smashed my chin. It was a jagged, ugly cut, and I went straight to the emergency ward at the hospital to sew it up. I had never heard of keloid scarring at this point. Because the cut was on my chin, I asked the nurses and doctor how big the inevitable scar would be. 'Not very big, just a line across your chin that will diminish with time'. I thought as much, and spent the next week keeping it extremely clean as to prevent infection, as I knew it was a jagged, ugly cut. A week later, I got the stitches out and the nurse gasped as she saw the result under the bandage. 'That's not the reaction I wanted to hear', I thought to myself. The doctor at that time didn't mention anything about keloid scarring, so I went about my day prepared to see the healing process out with the natural course of time. I used to have severe acne as a teenager, and now I had this new thing to look at and people notice, it brought up the feelings I used to have and thought were over. It's been a month since that day, and I've had to resort to growing my beard, only to see hair doesn't grow out of the scar. I still decided to not shave as much as I can. There have been comments, and also no comments, but the way a persons eye diverts down to my scar speaks exactly what they've seen anyway. Needless to say, I am quite self conscious about this. I have had injections this morning to try to flatten the scar, as the main problem is that it's a lump which looks plain weird. It's affected my social life, and I can only pray it flattens with this injection. I can truly empathize with anyone who has experienced this type of scarring. I know what you're going through, as I'm currently going through it. Love.

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Hello Dave,<br />
I've decided to take your advice and go to a plastic surgeon. The scar isn't improving. It may even have gotten worse. I went to another doctor as you advised and he has referred me to a plastic surgeon to get the keloid removed. I would just like to know what your scar looks like now. Is it a flat white line or is it still red from the excision. I should be getting my excised hopefully next month. Fingers crossed it doesn't come back

Thanks for the advice Dave,<br />
It's unlikely that I will be able to get a plastic surgeon. I just couldn't afford it and my doctor says that they wouldn't operate on my chin. Was the keloid on your chin a big lump or just slightly raised? Has it faded much since you got it operated on or is it still very red?<br />
My scar is still very red at the minute. I have to resort to putting make up on it which i hate but i have no other option. I can't grow a beard. Just like you said the hair isn't growing out of the scar. <br />
I have been using dermatix gel and sheets at night for the past few months and I think that it it has flattened somewhat. My doctor says it will flatten and go white in about a years time. <br />
I'm just wondering did your plastic surgeon have any other advice for you about your scar? For example massage, silicone sheets, steroid injections etc.<br />
Anyway thanks for your support and advice,<br />
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Hey Ben,<br />
my scar is about 1.5cm on my chin. After researching this bugger of a skin reaction, I found out that keloids have a higher chance of happening if the wound occurs on the chin or jawline, particularly in males. Mate, believe me, I know how pissed off you must be feeling. It made my summer pretty dark. I'm assuming Ireland has a high calibre of plastic surgeons? I read you approached a dermatologist and a doctor. I'm surprised your doctor hasn't heard of steroid injections. In regards to the dermatologist - I went to a dermatologist in Melbourne. They seemed capable, and offered some suggestions, but at the end of the day, you want the best people working for you in a situation like this where alot of the world hasn't even heard of a keloid scar, let alone know what it is. I remember when mine first developed, I had to go to work and before we started, one of my colleagues made a point of how it looked like a tumour, in front of the rest of the staff, very embarrassing. I urge you to get a better GP, and to get a recommendation of a good plastic surgeon. Don't go to a dermatologist. They are a reasonable option, but the reason I got a successful outcome with my operation is due to the fact I had a doctor who knows people who get the job right. Plastic surgeons are expensive, of course. But it's good to get onto this sooner rather than later, apparently. I got lucky with my payment plan with my plastic surgeon, and believe me I am not a man rolling in cash to pay plastic surgeons! If there's any positive lesson from this experience I've had with a keloid scar, it's that I can be in contact with someone on the other side of the world (being yourself) and hopefully give you a better option. That said, I am not a doctor (actually, I am an actor, hence the radical decision to cut it out). So please don't go excise it by just anybody. Get professional, good advice, and trust your instincts. It may be expensive, but the whole lotion/injection process was a waste of time for me, as it didn't reduce the swelling at all. However, it didn't increase in size either so maybe it did have some benefit. So I guess what I'm saying is:<br />
Look around, and get the best advice possible. <br />
Keep me posted.<br />

Hello Dave,<br />
Thanks for the response. I'm from Ireland. I went to a dermatolgist about the scar and she told me it was a keloid I have developed on my chin. She prescribed a steroid ointment and dermatix. She told me it would take a year and a half for it to go away. Pretty pissed off as you can imagine. I'm not even sure if it will flattten and go in a year and a half. I asked about surgery and she told me the same as yourself, that it would come back bigger if i got surgery on it. I have been using the dermatix gel and sheets at night for the past four months with little improvement. It may have flattened a bit. <br />
I just wanted to ask you how raised was your scar on your chin? My scar is a little raised, I think it may be a hypertrophic scar rather than a keloid. Also how many stitches did you get on your chin? I had five where that scar was and two above it which just turned into a normal scar. A flat line.<br />
I asked my doctor about steroid injections and he has never heard of them which is ridiculous. Anyway, thanks for the reply.<br />
All the best,<br />

Hi Ben,<br />
good to hear from you. In answer to your question (ie: How is my scar coming along), here's what's eventuated:<br />
After much research into the nature of keloid scars, I was disheartened to hear that they are extremely hard to rid oneself of. The injections seemed to keep my scar at bay (ie: prevented it from increasing in size), but it was not flattening the scar at all. It made for a very ****** summer, to say the least. My friends would tell me not to be so vain, but, if they were all of a sudden handed a lump on their face, I doubt they'd be very happy either. From the research, the tips I gathered was to get creams (such as 'dermatix'), and get repeated injections. As I investigated the process of cutting the lump out, the general response was not to do so, as it could come back bigger. However, I was at the point where I was willing to take a risk, rather than get repeated (and expensive) injections. I went to my GP, got a referral to a plastic surgeon, and he took one look at it and said he'd cut it out, no problem. I got a confident, capable vibe from this chap, so opted to get my keloid removed. After all, I'd had it for 4 months, and was ready to say goodbye to the little bugger. I am happy to say that my scar has been cut out, and has not come back. I've had to keep a bandage on my chin since the operation (for about 6 weeks), and I have a check up next week. Fortunately I had a doctor who gave me a good price for my operation, as I didn't have private health cover at that time.<br />
Are you in Australia? Because if so you may want to talk to this surgeon. He's young and energetic, and has worked with people all over the world and knows alot about keloid scars. If you want more information please do not hesitate to contact me. I am thrilled to have got this operation done, and I can truly empathize with what you may be going through.<br />
Hopefully this reply gives you hope that there actually is a solution.<br />
Sincerely,<br />

Hi Dave,
I was wondering if i could have the contact details for the surgeon you mentioned who removed your keloid scar.

Davalono, <br />
I've just read you review and the exact same thing happened me in March. I had a bad accident on my chin and I developed a keloid scar on my chin. I just wanted to know how your scar is coming along and if you could give me any advice to treating it.<br />
Cheers<br />

Thanks golightly, I'll give that remedy a go!

Aww... I am sorry to hear this is affecting you. I have keloid scars. Mine are not on my face but I know how funky they look. I have a giant one from my c-section. <br />
It WILL get better. It will not always be so puffy and raw looking. <br />
i have not tried it but a number of people have recommended bio oil to me. You can buy it at most drug stores.