Black Keloid Paste, Removed My Keloids..

I had a keloid on my hand and arm which i had for 20 yrs, used this product called the black keloid paste which my freind suggested to me which they found online, all i can say is damm it  flatten my keloid and change the colour of the keloid to my skin around it , did not think there was anythning on the market that coukd do this, was thinking of laser sugery but im so glad i found this, took, like 6 mothns before i saw the whole thing disseperaing, everyone i know throught i had done sugery, ive still got a tiny black spot but it looks more like a mole now , i used the black keloid pate picked it up from here , i really hope this helps others as it did me.

chantd55 chantd55
31-35, F
Feb 23, 2010