Itchy Itchy Keloids D:

i'm 17, i hit puberty early, bout 8/9 and my family's got  a history of skin problems.

i had terrible acne and dry skin and went on roacatane when i was about 10/11, and just before i went on the medicine the GP realised i had keloids.

untill i was 15 i tried probably every cream and silicone stuff availabe lol sadly it did FA

but then we tried steroid injections which worked quite well, then moved to laser treatment last year :)

i have about 20 keloids altogether, on my shoulders/back, smallish ones on my jaw, some small ones and a HUGE one on my chest..


i suffer terrible itchiness and sharp pains in all of them, but mostly my chest, which is the worst for the treatment, although it would be nicer if the needles were warm ;)


been in a realationship for 2 years, so i dont care anymore about wearing low cut tops, or vests in summer,

i was wearing a low top a few weeks ago, and as i stood up to get off the train, a woman turned to me and said "you should hide those, it's not nice and im sure i'm not the only one who doesnt want to look at them."

wtf? i wasnt making her look and she had a fat face anyway.


+ although NOBODY is allowed to touch the ones on my chest, i have found that massage and getting the scars out in the sun for a while makes them alot more comfortable to live with :)

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I'm reading every bodys posts and honestly though I was literally the only one with this type of problem. I would look up pictures on google of keloids but all of them would be much worse or so much better than mine. I have 6 keloids on my chest maybe about the size of your pinky nail they all vary in color and an oval shape. I've had them on my chest since age 11 maybe. Maybe about a year later I started to develop acne on my shoulders and as usual I picked and picked and bout 2 years ago i found out that the once acne, had developed into scars called keloids. now i have about 13 keloids that vary in color and shape on both shoulders and upper arm. The past year i have cried myself to sleep almost every night thinking that how can someone look at my scars and think beauty when i cant even look at then myself with out cringing . Its truly devastating to think i have to live in constant sadness that no one will never know the whole me, the uncovered me.

I developed a keloid scar in the center of my chest just out of nowhere. Before the scar came out it was getting dry skin. One morning I woke up and there was a big black thing on my chest. It didn't hurt or itch. It didn't bother me one bit, but the stares I get from people when they think am not looking. It bothered me when I first got it now it doesn't after two years of having it. But now in 2013 it started to itch and I start getting violent sharp pains in the keloid that at times I want to scratch my skin off, that's how bad it is. Now 2014 the itching and sharp pain is getting worse and I noticed that I am getting some new smaller one on and around the large one I had for the past two years. I've try tea tree oil, olive oil, lavender oil, Vaseline, even African Shea butter on it, but nothing stop the itching or sharp pains. I even tried cortisone cream it seems to help but just for the first couple of days, now it doesn't any more. Cremes from my dermatologist didn't work either. I'm looking for anything that anyone has tried and it stopped your itching. I'm desperate. I can live with the black spot on my chest but I can't live any more with the sharp pain and itching all day and night that I can't go and stay asleep at night. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE.

I have one huge keloid on my chest and it itches really bad. I feel that whenever the skin around it stretches say if I am exercising or carrying something heavy in my arms that causes it to itch a lot. Steroid injections just make it worse in the long run so I have stopped any treatment for it at present.

I'm just having a bad time with my chest keloids. I put plenty of lavender oil, it took several minutes to finally calm the itching. Reading your posts made me feel better too. I have had them most of my life. I don't mind the aesthetic part. I just wish they weren't that painful.

I have found that Rose Hip oil used twice daily has helped with the itching better than all the prescription creams that I have used.

I do feel the pain for everyone who has posted on this subject I have had keloids on my chest for years. I also have a few on my shoulders, all from acne . As I have gotten older they itch more than ever, especially the ones on my chest. I have tried the injections which helped the appearance a little. What drives me crazy is how much they itch. I can live with the appearance, but the itching is what bothers me the most. I have tried different creams, but not much has helped. Gold Bond powder has helped. One doctor said the sun agitates the keloids. I find the sun tends to make them feel better. Would like to try anything that would relieve the itching.

I think I am in a similar situation. I have way more than 20 though. I say probably between 70 and 100. The ones on my chest are the most symptomatic. I have about 7 large ones on my back too. I have several small ones on my jaw line and one large one. I just hate when people stare. I'm just like if you are that curious then ask. I'm a nurse so I can explain in a way that they may learn something.
I'm married with kids. I don't really care what others think. Besides most girls still think I'm very cute or handsome. And I'm usually too cocky and arrogant to think I'm not good looking. That said confidence means more than keloids.

First of all, thank you for sharing your experiences. I thought I was the only one with this trauma. I got my first keloid after having my ear pierced when I was a teenager. I went to the surgeon, got rid of it and it grew back after a year and it was way bigger than the first one. I went back to the surgeon and went through the whole surgery process again. The surgeon said there was a chance to prevent it from growing back by using Kenalog shots. I think I got like 5 shots from time to time. I also remember that my ear would turn kinda black after getting the shots but it would fade away quickly. I spent a lot of money for both surgeries and shots afterwards but it's been a lot of years now and I no longer have the ugly keloid on my ear, it was definitely worth it.

Unfortunately, after having a gallstone surgery last year I ended up with a keloid scar right in the middle of my stomach area. I also had removed a cyst a year ago near my left shoulder and ended up with another keloid scar. Both are very itchy and from time to time, a bit painful. I've done a lot of research and I'm afraid to try surgery since some people have done it and it grows back even worse than the previous one. At least the one on my stomach area isn't as big as the one on my shoulder but it's still a bit embarrassing.

The surgeon told me to prevent getting any surgery, piercings, tattoos and even a C-Section in the future since it will end up pretty ugly. All this makes me feel terrible!

Have anyone tried any creams or silicone scar sheets at home? Please let me know if you got some good results! I will really appreciate it.

I wish I could be comfortable with wearing a normal shirt without worrying that my keloids are showing. Man, having keloids suck. I am pretty much fed up with trying to hide them from everybody. Reading everyone's post makes it more tolerable to live with because I know i am not the only one dealing with this. I am going to take one step at a time and hopefully be able to tell some of my close friends about them. I know my friends are not going to look at me different because I know I can tell them anything. Just I still get scared to see how they will react. It just scary to confront people and tell somebody about this hideous thing. I hope I go through this and not chicken out. I am so tired of hiding myself. I hope everybody here will eventually find peace with their keloids. Do not let it take over your life.

Your personality makes you, not your keloids. Unless you let them. I pray that you don't let them determine who you are.

I just read your post for the 1st time and I'm 50 years old and have had keloids since the age of 2. First on my ears (the right one went away but the left one stayed) which eventually led to my earlobe being surgically removed. I have them on my chin, a lot on my breast and only about 2 on my back. I wear what I want to wear and don't give a flyin' f#@) what other people think about them. What I do care about is when they itch terrribly or sharp pains shoot from them in the middle of the night. I must admit I would like to get the ones under my chin removed (not due to other people just for me). I've taken steroids, the patches with the gel, etc. Don't let ignorant people get to you. Those are your war wounds for whatever you may emotionally gone through. You're still beautiful, resilent and those who choose to see you (as they said on Avatar) will see you. Namaste!

One year in track I fell on a hurdle and spiked my leg pretty bad. My coach knew I should get stitches but thought that I "didn't need the pain". So 3 keloid scars formed and people always make comments about them. I don't care though I wear whatever I want.

I have 2 large keloids. One on my right shoulder that developed from an acne when I was a teenager. Now is as large as quarter in diameter, but very high up there, at least 1/2 inch high. VERY RED and VERY ITCHY!!!! another one developed when I had a c section, it's very long just like the size of my index finger, again very rounded. I have tried the cream, silicon sheeting, the injection worked faster but came's something that needed to be maintain with. It's very expensive to go to dermotologist for each shots, so I went to another country where I grew up and ask the dermotologist where if I can purchase the bottle and do it my self, he then gave me the direction and what steroid to use. I did that for a while till I ran out of the steroid, when I wanted to buy more it turned out they don't make it anymore :( The steroid stuff work so well, I didn't mind anymore getting poked by a needed once in a while as long as long as the keloid were flatten. Now I apply cream, which are not cheap either and doesn't show much result. A 15 year old keloid and a 4 year old keloid, both extremely itchy and so ugly! I try not to reveal them, I feel that it's taking over my life. I'm married and my husband is okay with it, but I would personally love to have it flatted.

I so feel you on the itching and pain. I have a terrible pain that shoot down my keloid basically the whole side of my right side..and it is painful as heck. I go to my apptment June 14th of this year and hopefully they cut them off. The top one is on the top of my ear and it is big *** hell. The second on my lower part of my ear and its big and painful too.

I feel everyone"s pain here. I had keloid on my right arm due to chicken pox. Only after 30 years it seemed to flatten and become inactive. However the scar is like almost 3 inches long.I had another one on my left arm due to vaccination injection when I was 12. Now at 42, The keloid is still at times painful and growing! Its almost 3 inches and quite thick. I am just so grateful that I deliver my 3 kids normally. Cant imagine the pain and the scar if I have to go for. C-sect.

I feel everybody's pain. Had 1 in my right breast 18 years ago,it was bothering me so I went to a dermatologist. I usually have a high tolerance with needles but that was really unbearable for me. I did'nt go back after that now I have 3 keloids, 2 in my right breast and 1 in the left. They are so itchy and painful I cant help to scratch them and most of the time I get scratches too. I would love to wear low neckline tops but to embarassed to try. Even my doctor referred me to a dermatologist now that I live in Canada (was originally from the Philippines)'but I chickened out coz I hate those injections and I noticed when I had those injections the start to bother me alot. I am married now my hubby dont care but still would be nice if I have no keloids or atleast they stop growing or itching.I got one in my shoulder from vaccination when I was 5 or 6 yrs old. But it looks inactive now. I wish we dont have keloids and be normal and wear whatever want =( =(

hey everyone concerning about keloids, there are obviously no cure for it. I have those since i was 19. I have a patch of small growing keloids on my chest and they are actually joining with each other. Even on my back and shoulder have multiple of size of a peanut. Most of the time it feels itchy. No doubt that it's quite embarrassing wearing a low neck cut shirts.

hey, i have a very similar story to yours, i am doing injections for my keloids on my back and chest. you said you were doing laser treatment. is it effective? i was planning on having laser treatment once my scars were flattened. what are the side effects? just curious what i would get myself into. <br />
thanks :)

i also have a marble sized keloid on the back of my ear, i got it pierced 2 years ago and it started to grow.<br />
i'm afraid to try injections, so i did research and alot of people already successed to reduce it and or stop it from growing with herbal gel called "JELLY GAMAT" or "GAMAT GEL" its from sea cucumber, you can google it.<br />
another herbal product is CELLFOOD. this was stated to reduce the size of keloid.<br />
only you have to use it everyday. just apply it like gel and its gonna be a little itchy but don't scratch it.<br />
<br />
hope it helps. God bless you guys. be strong :)

I feel everyone's pain. I have a marble sized keloid on the back of my ear. I have had it removed 4 times and is always grew back. I have also tried steroid injections that reduced the size during treatment but when I stopped getting the injections it got bigger. I am Married and my husband and I don't really discuss it but I always try to hide it by wearing my hair down ect. I have a low self esteem as a result. I am currently trying compression on my ear to try and flatten the keloid. I've been doing this for 2 months now. I don't wear it as often as I'm supposed to but it has stopped it from getting bigger. s soon as I can afford to get the steroid injections I will try that again to reduce the size ans continue the compression. I know the pain all of you go though and I hope you all fine effective treatment for your scars. I heard of a dr in Texas who claims to know how to treat keloids with a lower chance of regrowth. I will look up his info and post. I can't remember his name.if anyone has treated keloids on the ear please contact me and let me know what worked for you. Thank you and god bless all of you.

The same thing happened to me, I had the keloids on the back of my ears removed 3 times, finally I was referred to a plastic surgeon who was able to remove them completely. After the surgery was done I had to undergo 7 days of radiation, no sign of them since I even wear clip on earrings now

I feel everyone's pain. I have a marble sized keloid on the back of my ear. I have had it removed 4 times and is always grew back. I have also tried steroid injections that reduced the size during treatment but when I stopped getting the injections it got bigger. I am Married and my husband and I don't really discuss it but I always try to hide it by wearing my hair down ect. I have a low self esteem as a result. I am currently trying compression on my ear to try and flatten the keloid. I've been doing this for 2 months now. I don't wear it as often as I'm supposed to but it has stopped it from getting bigger. s soon as I can afford to get the steroid injections I will try that again to reduce the size ans continue the compression. I know the pain all of you go though and I hope you all fine effective treatment for your scars. I heard of a dr in Texas who claims to know how to treat keloids with a lower chance of regrowth. I will look up his info and post. I can't remember his name.if anyone has treated keloids on the ear please contact me and let me know what worked for you. Thank you and god bless all of you.

i have so many keloids on my back because of acne...around 30 of them of varying shapes and sizes..they are so painful at times and make me feel so self conscious..i did try getting steroid shots but they were way too painful and the scars just grew back..i hope that someday i'l be able to show off my keloids without being ashamed of them..

Wow I cant believe theres ppl like me going thru having keloids, almost put me to tears. I have 6 keloids one on my collar bone thats the most painful one, one on my elbow, the rest on my stomach. ive had keloids since i was n the 5th grade. i was very depressed and just didnt find myself attractive anymore started hiding my scars wearing long sleeve shirts to cover them up. Years past then i just said this is me, i cant do anything about it, so if i get with a guy i just show them an they deside if they want to be with me or not. they used to say is it contageous, or my brother would make songs about my scars. it would hurt my feelings but i just pray about it and just stay strong and kno who i am. im more comfortable about my scars but still do not like showing the ones on my stomach. i too is n a 2year relationship an my man does not care an even kisses them from time to time. Just kno we are not alone and still research about better treatments instead of painful ones. we just gotta love ourselves and our body first and take it a day at a time. God bless!

Dear all,<br />
<br />
I am Having 6 keloids on and around chest.. 2 are due surgery.. 4 are grow up spontaneously.. may be due to jewels. 4 keloids are very silent only two are itching.. As far as i enquired there are lot of treatments available but no guarntee for results.... let's pray god to stop it from keep growing...

Every ones stories make me feel a lot better. I have pretty bad acne so i have many keloid scars. I have 5 on one shoulder and 6 on the other and 4 on my chest. The smallest is looks like a pimple the majority of them are about the size of two dimes either stacked or laid side by side.<br />
I always have this intense needle like itch. It had gotten to the point that i feared people touching me because it made the itch flare up. Thankfully i have now been in a relationship for three years. My partner helped me deal with them even as they get bigger. <br />
I think the worse part of them is when strangers give me "advice" about how to treat them. Or when I am told i should get plastic surgery to get rid of them.

I have a keloid scar on my chest. I got it from a cyst that I had removed 20 years ago. I have had many things done to it such as laser surgery which made the scar flatter, but wider. The cortisone shots made a red hard lump and it became painful. Then I tried to have it surgically removed, which only made it larger. I have been using silicone patches for 10 years strait now and they have made it more tolerable. They stop the itching and the painful needle like pains inside of it. If I take the patches off for more than a day, then the scar raises, gets red and itchy and becomes painful again. Originally it was about a little over an 1/4 of an inch and now it is a little over an inch. The growing has slowed some, but it hasn't stopped. Massaging it does help to keep it flat and keeps the pain away. I used to model clothing and it used to embarrass me at first, but now when someone says something stupid like that comment to poor raychll above, I just tell them I got it from a bullet wound from saving someone's life and I am proud of it. That usually shuts them up. I am a medical research analyst now and I am continually searching for some cure for keloid scars. If I find anything I will come back and let all of you know.

oh my god! This story is so much like mine with the acne. I have keloids too!

I'm so scared to show I wear a rash guard when I swim (which is like a surfing tshirt kinda thing). I hate my keloids so much.

i have had keloids since i was 14 now it is even worser than before- nothings works for me-- you name i even consult one of the best top plastic surgeon in WI - that is where i live - and a dermatologist- all of them said "sorry can't help you".....can't stand the ugliness-painful scars

Of course, they did. GOogle Avosil and Avogel. Also, Dr. Ralphael Lee, University of CHicago Hospitals

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Growing up on the beach as a child in the 70s, I never considered I'd get skin cancer the way I did, but after countless outpatient surgeries, I'm cancer free for the past 5 years. A byproduct of that though is the quarter-sized keloid on the back of my shoulder and a 1 inch one on the top of the same shoulder. The one on my back itches non<x>stop. My GP says they only option is to remove it, but he's not wanting to. It looks like I need to go back to a dermatologist.

I have two keloid, I use cellfood to treat, now is better. smaller. but still there...

I know what you mean. Trust me no one has had it worse than me, then again everything happens for a reason. I have about 3 on each shoulder and the largest one is the size of a small coin. <br />
They formed from acne when I was 21 and I used to smoke then (my dermatologist that can make the production of your scar tissue worse). I tried the steroid injections and it worked well, but they came back with a vengeance a couple of years later and got bigger than what they were. I now wish I hadnt tried the injections at all. The crazy thing is I was engaged to this turd of a guy who called it off when they got bigger saying he coudlnt handle it. That dented my confidence quite a bit and to me it seems bigger and uglier than what it is.<br />
I really wish someone could find a cure that has a 0% chance of recurrence. I am scared to try anything intrusive fearing that it would get bigger.

I understand how you feel. Try Avosil or Avogel. look it up

I have a keloid about 3 inches long on my chest. It started about 8 yrs ago with a blemish on my chest that didn't wanna go away until I got fed up and tried to pop it. Then it just never went away. After about a year it got bigger and I started to worry that it was a tumor. So when I had a dermatoligist look at it he said it was a keloid. I tried the silicone patches, injection shots and a cream that gave me flu like symptoms side affects. The most successful was the steroid injections. I noticed it shrank the keloid and made the pain go away. I just haven't kept up with the shots because it can be quite painful. I was always ashamed of my keloid but never stopped wearing revealing tops until about 3 yrs ago. It seemed to have gotten bigger and more people would stare and ask questions. Now I buys tops that practically chokes my neck like turtle necks, crew necks, and halters. It really takes the fun out of shopping. I'm married for a few years and my husband is use to it. I'm not ashamed when I'm around him and it's the only person that I can let him see it. I just wish that someone could find a treatment for keloids.

Check Dr. Ralphael Lee at the University of CHicago HOspitals. read my story undr I have keloids

not sure if u will even check and read this..but i relate to u..i have a bunch on chest/shoulders...and a big one on to live with it..u said ur in a relationship? did u let these stop u from that before? and how did u overcome it? if u do read this plz do email me at im interested in ur advice

i have a keloid on my upper lip. it's the size of a small coin. it is now 9 months old. recently i started keloid in jections. at least i got just one 10 days ago. some times i feel that it is a bit shrunk but then i feel it's the same . i have been told to come for the next in jection 6 weeks after the previous one.<br />
<br />
i am also applying dermatix gel twice a day. just keeping my fingers crossed that the treatment will work.if not i hope to go in for plastic surgery.

I can relate to the itching and pain.. some times i will stop in my tracks and just get onthe floor and rub grab lotion water anything lol and look crazy doing it .lol the Bio- Oil helps with that.<br />
As for pain i apply pressure with my hand until it goes away that helps to