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i was just informed by my eye care professional that i have keratoconus which is an irregularity in the cornea of my eye.  basically this makes it difficult to see even with glasses or contact lenses.  therefore i must go and meet with an opthalmologist and get fitted with a very expensive type of contact lens that will correct the problem.  i will no longer be able to wear regular contact lenses.  this is beyond an inconvenience for me because i am pretty active and i don't like being tied down by anything.  but i guess when it comes to my eyesight i can't be too careful.

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Having keratoconus does change a person's life in some ways, but it can be dealt with. I would love to be able to put on a pair of glasses and see well. I do wear glasses at home to rest my eyes from the lenses, even though the vision is not good.<br />
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This is a link to a good kerataconus support site:<br />

thank you! i did some reading on the internet about what my options would be. the doc who referred me said that this guy IS experienced with treatment of keratoconus. i have to say i was a little upset at first but now that i have made the appointment with the specialist i don't feel so woried. thank you for your support! :)

Hi. I've had keratoconus since 1970. Mine has progressed over the years and I have to wear piggy back lenses--a hard lens over a soft lens now.<br />
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If you ever have any questions, I'll be glad to talk to you about it. Don't get discouraged. And make sure your doctor is skilled in working specifically with keratoconus. Fitting the lenses is tricky, but once a good fit is established vision is quite good with them.

hi my name is yannie and im having the hardest time ever tryin to see i have keratoconus for 7 years and now its gotton wrost!!!! i have hard lens and they are really small i get bad head headaches and im starting to wonder if its time to get surgery?