Kidney Disease


hi to you all out there my names james but i refer to myself as jimmy41 cos im 41 made sense to me anyhow,i found out that i developed kidney disease as you can imagine i was devestated as my whole world is gonna be ripped apart by this disease.Its been 18 months now since that horrible news & im just starting to adjust SLOWLY.I have an operation this wednesday 11/03/o9 at southmead hospital bristol england,bit for an AV fistula to be fitted,im a bit nervous but bold as i have viking blood in me so i beleive that this is the blood & guts life.Ihave been bitter but got fed up with that feeling life is hard but also bitter sweet,& i beleive that you have to taste the bitter to appreciate the sweet,you know that old chestnut,so all you people out there in kidney land be bold & keep the faith my good people god bless you all & may your god go with you.

jimmy41 jimmy41
2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

i had to have 2 fistulas put in due to one stopping working. i now currently do ccpd at home. you should check into it, its painless. but if you do decide that you dont mind the needles and everything. i wont lie it hurts for a while but then it scares and it is numb. they also have a cream that they can give to you to stop the pain.. good luck to you =) ill pray for you

This is my second time on dialysis following the failure of my transplant two years ago. Doing APD at home, not enjoying it much.