I Have Kidney Pain. Cause Unknown.

I had my first kidney stone when I was 15. Had it removed with lithotripsy. It was 5mm. Had a 4mm stone when I was 20. Stent was put it in. I'm 23. For about a year now I have had the pain that accompanies stones and blood in my urine. Had numerous CT scans, xrays, and ultrasounds all confirming that I have mutilple stones in BOTH of my kidneys that are only 2mm.They haven't moved at all! I have gone to the local ER over and over in soo much pain! But all the docs say I don't have a blockage therefore I'm not in pain...and treat me like I'm a drug seeker. I'm sick of it. I lost my job because I was always hurting.

One day there was soo much blood in my pee that it looked like tea! I was referred to a Urologist in the city. I was scheduled for a cystoscopy because they were more worried about the blood in my urine then the pain. The procedure revealed nothing abnormal. I feel like I went one step forward and two steps back. No one seems to know what is going on. Everyone tells me that if they're not moving down or blocking anything, that I can't be in pain. I cried soo hard when I found out everything was "normal". I know I should be thankful that there isn't cancer.

The medical bills are getting rediculous. I feel like I lost my life. I'm afraid to go out because I'm always scared that I'm going to have an attack! I just wish I knew what was going on so I know what to do and can get my life back.
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2 Responses Jun 4, 2010

same thing for me almost exactly what you described now i keep getting bladder infections and blood in my urine almost every time i go to the doc been over and over for two years now and kidney pain and bladder pain and emergency rooms have treated me horrible ,like a drug seeker i just want help urologist cant find a darn thing i suffer too and its no fun there has got to be an answer out there if i could find a doctor that didnt think i was crazy and making this up someone who gave a crap

Man, I can totally sympathize with you. I know the pain of kidney stones, I do not know if you f or m, but I'm f and I thought I was going to die. Child birth had nothing on this pain I felt when I had passed my stones.I know exactly what you mean when you go to the doctor and ask for painkillers and they look at you like your some kind of fiend. I will never forget that pain. good luck. seek assistance for medical cost if your overwhelmed.