Stricture Hell

I went to the ER in February with a 3mm stone stuck in my right kidney. I haven't had kidney stones in over 20 yrs. Was sent home with pain meds and to call a Urologist. I saw the Urologist and he gave me one month to pass the stone due to my right kidney being swollen. I was given an ultrasound in April right before my ureteroscopy and was told I no longer had a stone stuck in my ureter but they found a 4mm stone in my kidney. Had the surgery on April 19th and the doctor told me he did not see a stone in my kidney and I was all clear. He inserted a stent because he saw some narrowing of my ureter and removed it the following week. Immediately after stent removal the pain started. Was told to wait a few days to see if the pain improved and of course, it did not. I was given a STAT CT scan and they found the right ureter had strictured and was told I needed surgery ASAP. I had to look it up to see what it meant and found that this could end up being a long term problem. I had a balloon dilation of the stricture a few days later and a large stent was inserted. After going back to the ER several times for problems associated with the surgery, they removed the stent 3 weeks later and did a retrograde pyelogram to make sure the ureter was clear. I did not even make it home for a couple of hours when I was back in the ER in excruciating pain. Morphine did not work for long (less than an hour) and I am sensitive to most other painkillers. The doctor came to see me in the ER since he was still doing surgeries that day. He said my ureter was open and I may be having a reaction to the dye. They admitted me overnight. The pain started to lessen overnight a bit and one of the doctor's in the group insisted on sending me home the next day despite my objections. By then I had very few usable veins left since the hospital blew so many out on my arms. I had groin and kidney pain all week and kept calling their office. The physician assistant saw me on Thursday the following week (finally) and gave me an ultrasound. She said I was improving and I would feel better the following week. Well, surprise, I found myself in the ER again that Sunday with awful nausea and was given, yet again, another CT scan. I was then told I had another stone stuck in my ureter. Now I was really angry. I was admitted and had surgery the following morning and another large stent inserted. I received my records for a second opinion the day after this surgery and saw that my ultrasound said I had a stone stuck. Boy was I pissed off. I went for a second opinion in Philly and the doctor insisted I go back to the original doctor to have the stent removed because she did not have any openings to do so. I had the stent removed on Monday and the doctor said he may have flushed the original stone in the kidney out with the pyelogram. I called the doctor in Philly on Thursday to let her know I was in pain again. She said to wait a week before she would intervene. And that's where I am now. In pain, nauseous, and waiting.
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All this trouble from a 4mm stone. All of a sudden, I'm not so confident about my chances with the doctor. Two months ago, they diagnosed me with a 14mm stone in my left kidney. Until a week ago, it had absolutely no effect on me, but then, all of the sudden, I started having ridiculously unbearable pains in the left side of my lower back. The pain varied between "barely tolerable" and "wish I was dead" pain. I take 400mg ibuprofen twice a day now, and I think I'm building up tolerance to it, since it no longer helps the way it used to. Have you tried some meds for kidney stones? I heard there are some, like Nutri Mag, which my local pharmacist recommended (btw, I'm from Serbia, so I'm not sure if this drug is available in your country).

Update- I ended up in the ER again this week. According to the ultrasound, my kidney is no longer swollen and my creatinine levels are good but they found gallstones and a dilated common bile duct. My CT scan on June 10th shows no abnormalities of these areas so this happened within the past 2 weeks. This is probably due to the 30 pound weight loss due to the gastritis caused by all the ibuprofen/painkillers/heavy duty antibiotics. The kidney and groin area are still sore as well. I just can't win. This is a nightmare.