Kidney Stone Relief At Last

I have suffered from numerous stones over the past decade. Many passed spontaneously some required my urologist to remove with lithotrypsy and one even with a videoscope! Outside of drinking more fluids no one ever gave me a good explanation of how to keep them from coming back. I did reading on line and follow certain diets etc but I figured there had to be a reason I was making more. A friend finally told me about the medical specialty of Nephrology or medical experts in kidney disease. I thought they only treated people on dialysis but it turns out they are kidney stone experts and specialize in the PREVENTION of stones. I got an appointment with one who was amazingly nice and explained that stones are preventable. There are a bunch of reasons why any one person can make stones and unless you do a specific urine analysis you won't be able to identify what those reasons are. After doing my urine collection and having my nephrologist interpret the results it turns out I have two conditions leading to stones that no diet would have solved. Following his advice and treatment plan I am now stone free for ONE year. I also know now that my children may be at risk for the same condition and can help them along if god forbid they ever get stones. I would recommend doing the same if you have ever had a stone. Prevention seems to be the best treatment. My doctor offers stone consultations in his office but also remotely through his virtual clinic
Good luck to all you!
emmajessica27 emmajessica27
41-45, M
Jan 12, 2013