24 With A Mal-rotated Kidney

I first started having kidney stone problems when i was 19. For a few months i was in pain, at first i thought it was my diet, or menstrual cramps, or ovarian cysts. I finally went to the doctor where they found blood in my urine. (had ovarian cysts too but was able to fix that) After tests and xrays my urologist told me i had two big kidney stones in my left kidney and that I needed a percutaneous nephrolithotomy done. Once in my kidney my doctor found out that my left kidney was malrotated and was in the same position as my right kidney. Instead of two big stones my doctor also found out i had several larger stones blocking the passage of 2 or 3 dozen smaller ones. It is now five years later and I have had two lithrotripsys done and will probably be needing another one in a few months.
In between the five years i have passed other stones and have had a few UTIs. My urologist told me after running a few blood tests that there was nothing more that could be done and lectured me to drink more water.
I am currently in my first year of law school in the Boston area and recently met with a new urologist who specializes in kidney stones and kidney stones prevention. After passing a stone during the exam period I knew I needed help and that this problem was not going away and water wasn't helping. The urologist I am seeing now gave me the first bit of hope I've had for a very long time. He is doing blood tests and is working hard on finding out why my body is creating so many stones.
I had previously been told and made to believe that its just kidney stones, that they are common and i just need to watch my diet and drink more water. It wasn't until I met my new urologist that I realized how uncommon my situation really is. I am 24, I am a female, I have no family history of kidney stones, I am at a normal weight, my blood pressure level is normal, I have lived in states that have colder climates, and I have a malrotated kidney. I have done all sorts of research online and have not came across with any information concerning my condition.
I am 24, I am in law school and have big dreams and goals. I will not allow my body dictate what I can or cannot do. This is my story.

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